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Guilty Pleasures - Es Paradis

At Es Paradis. You know you want to.


Directly from the UK, Guilty Pleasures brought one of cheekiest nights out to Es Paradis this past summer. Saturdays turned into complete and utter indulgence with all our favourite hits.

The concept is simple and irresistible regardless of your musical preferences. All the greatest pop smash hits from all eras make it impossible not to sing along and jump around the entire night through. Here's an opportunity for unapologetic and shameless enjoyment of your favourite pop tunes.

From 3 June you could start revelling in your guilty pleasures with new and all-time global hits. From Depeche Mode to Daft Punk, Whitney Houston to Rihanna, Backstreet Boys to Beyoncé—if you loved the tune, it was there. Acrobatic sparkling dancers, live performers and glitter cannons completed the picture for a night to remember.

No matter what, Guilty Pleasures is a guaranteed great time. Here's your chance to let loose and indulge in those irresistible tunes we all secretly or not so secretly love.

Venue: Es Paradis

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