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Privilege throws opening party date into the mix

Get ready to rave at Privilege for the almighty opening in May 2017.

We´ll confidently wager that the only Ibiza club you´ll be at on Thursday 25 May is the mighty beast that is Privilege. Why? Because that, ladies and gentlemen, is the date for the big opening fiesta feast.

The San Rafael venue, which firmly holds onto the title as the world´s biggest superclub, is getting ready to storm through what´ll be its 24th season on the White Isle, and it all begins on that very date.

It´s set to be a big year for Privilege with it currently undergoing a thorough refit that´ll include a Function One sound system. Imagine entering the monstrous main room with the rhythm of the bass hammering harder and crisper than it ever has done before. Ooooft.

Stay tuned as we release line-up details in the coming weeks. Tickets now up for grabs.

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