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Review: Best bits from Together's 6th birthday bash at Amnesia

Celebrations aplenty with the Together crew

Tuesday night marked Together's 6th birthday, so it was only right to celebrate in style after so many incredible years for the party. Together has showcased the likes of Rudimental, Amine Edge & Dance and Gorgon City this summer, as well as hard-hitting drum and bass artists like Friction, Wilkinson and Andy C, and on the night, the likes of MK, So Solid Crew, Rudimental, and Hannah Wants were drafted in to get the celebrations started. After only leaving Amnesia at 7 AM the same day, I trekked back for a party with an altogether different feel and dangerous amounts of bass. If only all birthday parties were this banging.

Everything about So Solid Crew

Ten points if I guess correctly that a few moments after reading this, you either mind-sang or went full on out there with '21 Seconds'. I did; I did hard. And I did while stood on a giant platform in the centre of Amnesia. What a time to be alive eh - skanking to a childhood-defining super group in one of my favorite places to dance to techno. A breath of fresh air, it was.

Wheelchair raving during Friction

If there's one thing that truly warms my mid-season tempremental heart, it's the sight of someone having it large in a wheelchair. Especially as Friction plays his brand new, never before heard, aural attack drum and bass track. Surrounded by his mates, they bounced off each other's energies resulting in a pretty spectacular sight - don't let anything stop your right to party. I later bumped into the same gang at around 9 AM the following morning, and fair play to them - they went hard.

Seeing a different side to Amnesia

You may have figured out by now that I'm somewhat of a techno snob, but I approached Together with an open mind, and I was rewarded for it. The night before, I'd been at Cocoon, as usual, and a few hours later I returned to what could have been a completely different club. I was overwhelmed by the change of music, décor and crowd. And I was impressed to see two rooms seconds away from each other blasting out completely different styles of music, in the forms of house and bass. How magical are the walls of Amnesia.

Glowing rave wristbands

I'm a big fan of old school rave vibes, and nothing screams '90s rave more than a bit of neon. Last night, glow in the dark wristbands were handed out by Absolut Vodka, and as a result, neon blue lights fist pumped what little air was left of the jam-packed Terrace. Gorgon City dropped Hardrive's house classic 'Deep Inside' and arms waved about in unison - a magical moment to say the least. Next time you're at Together, grab yourself 10 and cover your entire body, for extra fun times.

Live trumpets during Rudimental

Anyone who's had the amazing experience of seeing Rudimental live will know exactly what I'm talking about when I say it's an event everyone has to experience at least once. Grab the energy from a sweaty, illegal rave in a basement back in the '90s, multiply it by seven, and you've got yourself a Rudimental gig. Throw in a live trumpet performance to 'Not Giving In' and ooft, energy levels soar through the roof. Bravo Rudimental, every time you get me dancing like I'm 34 beers in.

WORDS | Ruby Munslow PHOTGRAPHY | Julián Farina

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