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Review: Together comes alive at Amnesia Ibiza

It's all about the bass

Rocking up to Amnesia at 2 AM - and entering the club for the first time ever - I was met by two interconnected, jam-packed rooms - both raring to launch into six hours of non-stop bass-fuelled madness courtesy of Together. And as I walked in, I wasn't the least bit surprised to see a man sporting crutches - the line-up for the night was pretty exceptional - but I still watched in alarm as he raised both crutches in the air and started raving slightly unsteadily, his enthusiasm unhindered in spite of obvious injury. I had a lot to live up to tonight.

With a different flavour in both the terrace and main room, I spent a lot of time wishing there could have been two of me - but alas until cloning becomes less of an ethical hot potato, I decided to split my time between the two. My favourite English duo, Gorgon City, took to the stage on the terrace, so I found a spot in the middle of the mayhem and watched as the pair gave party-goers a sensory bashing with their own tunes. The biggest responses came for ‘All Four Walls' (Gorgon City Feat. Vaults), ‘Blue Parrot', ‘Imagination' (Weiss Remix; HK 2016) and of course, ‘Ready For Your Love' (Gorgon City Feat. MNEK), a track that just screams the start of summer.

I'd say the crowd itself was probably as diverse as the line-up - there were newlyweds next to me singing at the top of their lungs - they explained how this was their first ever time in Ibiza, and they'd be here on honeymoon for one week. While on my other side, a group of lads were having the time of their lives dressed as cave men - a decision I decided not to question. And there you have the embodiment of Ibiza dance floor magic.

Venturing to the main room at 2.30 AM, Kano had just kicked off, and I felt like I'd walked from the relatively safe confines of the terrace to a slightly more charged scene from 8 Mile. He leaned over the DJ booth into the crowd, touching fans' hands from the front row while spitting out tracks including ‘3 Wheel-ups', ‘This Is England' and ‘Flow Of The Year' from his new album, Made in The Manor.

I stayed in the main room to catch a glimpse of Together residents and bass enthusiasts, Chase and Status, but soon found myself rooted to the spot. Finding it almost impossible to move while they were playing, I chose instead to get involved in the chaos by jumping around with the best of them. It was an electrifying performance - one that made the hairs on the back of my arms stand on end.

Being enraptured by Chase and Status meant I didn't catch Hannah Wants over on the terrace, but with both rooms bouncing from start to finish, and Chase and Status tearing up the dance floor, I don't feel I missed out - after all, she'll be back for various dates throughout summer, and so will I. Because for me, there's a new Tuesday top dog in town.

WORDS | Caoimhe Harkin PHOTOGRAPHY | Luke Dyson

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