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Sankeys confirms its Seven Wonders for 2016

Monday to Sunday at Sankeys is locked down with a mixed bag of familiar faces and fresh incomers.

Incoming is the news that Sankeys have been dying to release and we've been dying to hear with the announcement of its Seven Wonders for 2016. Last year was another stellar year in the Sankeys camp and in off-season mode, the club returned to drafting a seven day residency board with the aim of quenching everyone's musical tastes. Our tunage leanings are in the hands of eight different and diverse promoters of both old favourites and new additions, and it'll be up to them to push the limits of Sankeys' powerful Pioneer and Void sound systems.

Tickets are available now for all parties, with extra special earlybird prices on offer.

From the opening on 1st May we haven't even got a week to wait until the first residency showcase takes off into the extended season, which now sits at an epic six months. So, without further ado, we have:

Mondays: Shelter/The Redlight
30th May - 26th Septembe

Pitching up for 18 weeks, Monday nights will unite Shelter and The Redlight brand. The latter captured crowd after crowd last year and become the club's success story with its house and garage flavour. The former was born from the minds behind Ibiza Rocks, W.A.R! and after a successful debut last summer showcasing artists who explored a deeper, darker side of electronic music, it would very rude not to invite Shelter back.


Tuesdays: Applebum
21st June - 13th September

First newbie up is Applebum which is set to be a very strong contender for making waves on the island this season. It's a celebration of hip hop and R&B culture with it taking a tour down memory lane right back to the golden era. It's on a quest to re-visit, re-live and re-imagine the sounds, styles and attitude of a movement that helped shaped a generation. Whether you're reliving or discovering, it's going to be absolute gold.


Wednesdays: Dance 88/89
25th May - 28th September

Old school vibes spill into Wednesday with the golden age of dance snatching its turn. Dance 88/89 is arming itself with a mission to dig up the madness that ran alongside the emergence of acid house and Balearic beats. Excitement is already piling up in anticipation for this new residency with the whole island and industry leaders giving it their full attention. Every week Ibiza's most legendary and famous character, DJ Alfredo will be joined by Matthew Benjamin, aka Bushwacka! If you've been found shedding tears at old rave footage, this is unmissable.


Thursdays: Unusual Suspects
12th May – 13th October

The middle of the week chunk is all about new avenues as we've yet another newbie in the form of Unusual Suspects. These guys have been pulling out the stops throughout the winter, bringing in huge names including Nicole Moudaber and being supported heavily by Carl Craig's Detroit Love concept. As dark winter nights are taken over by summer lights, Unusual Suspects will get deeper with 23 weeks of house and techno.


Fridays: ABODE
24th June - 16th September

ABODE is an import from London where it holds the crown as the city's biggest Sunday terrace party, popular for its daytime raving spirit. It's got a huge following which is down to bold bookings, with everyone from Cassy to Matthew Dear taking their spot and being the cause of every event selling out ahead of time. Big things are predicted.


Saturdays: Tribal Sessions
7th May - 29th October

Tribal Sessions is award winning and globally renowned, so it's in for a warm welcome back in 2016. The house and techno trapping has been moved to Saturday and it'll be the longest summer residency in Ibiza history. In its tow are near festival sized line-ups featuring the best DJs from across the electronic spectrum, including residents Miguel Campbell, Manu Gonzalez, Jozef K and Adam Chappell, who will be alongside very special guests.


Sundays: Viva Warriors
15th June – 25th Sept

Completing Sankeys' wondrous Seven Wonders is the legendary Viva Warriors, back due to popular demand as it continues to be renowned as one of the best parties on the island. Resident honcho and basement king Steve Lawler, is returning to abuse Sundays as his day to lure tech house heads back beneath ground level to give some love to A game calibre artists.

It sounds very good, very good indeed and we haven't even heard the basement shudder yet. David Vincent himself, had this to say: “This summer I feel our Seven Wonders of Sankeys Ibiza is musically the best on the planet as we have so much diversity. It's taken me six years to refine and tinker with our musical content to a situation where I can see our current format remaining for the next few years.”


Get your flights and early bird tickets in the bag.

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