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Cocoon breaks into its 20th year

Clubbers, prepare to bow your heads as Sven Väth readies Cocoon to celebrate twenty incredible years in the business.

51 years ago in Obertshausen near Frankfurt Sven Väth was brought to planet earth and two decades ago, he gave us Cocoon. Standing for metamorphosis, development, new birth and surprises, it rose from Germany and embarked on a journey that has connected our continents under the shelter of the finest dance music we're blessed to lend our ear drums to. 2016 is its 20th year, and we can speak on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of clubbers that have found themselves enveloped by Cocoon's magnetism by saying it's a milestone in need of a massive celebration.

You might be lucky enough to remember its humble beginnings in Frankfurt, Munich or Copenhagen, or you might have been a witness to the unparalleled energy created by Cocoon at Amnesia. Pick and choose, as where and when you found it isn't of much importance, but what is, is that you did find it and recognise how powerful and influential it has been to the development of musical and artistic interpretation, because twenty solid years says it all. Sven, the eccentric genius, is of course the man with the original vision and it's a vision which is now shared worldwide, but it's not only about the main man himself. A big, back bending bow has also got to be given to the 100 odd artists he's plucked from the clubbing realm that we feed off in guzzling, large doses, including Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Moritz von Oswald, Âme, Adam Beyer and Stefan Goldman. If you could imagine an impossibly perfect family, forget the 2:4 children model - Cocoon has it down.

Where do we start for its mammoth 20th year? It's got to be a big party that packs the S into Special. You've got the occasion and now for the rest of the all-important details. The nightclub is Robert Johnson, an intimate holding that sits across the river from Frankfurt in Offenback am Main, and the date is 27th March. Dorian Paic will open the main floor for the mastermind Sven, leading you into one of his infamous marathon sets that'll energise your musical souls. On the second floor, deck duties will be at the hands of Dana Ruh, Markus Fix, Frank Lorber and Einzelkind.

This is massively exciting and we expect Cocoon devotees to be gearing up for this one and arriving from cities that stretch beyond Germany's borders. Maybe you're lucky enough to be celebrating your own birth on that very date and if so, it will probably set the bar for birthday blasts for years to come.

If you're yet to consider yourself a Cocoon patron, this is certainly a good place to start your journey as Sven leads it to surpass yet more milestones. But, if you can't make it to Germany, we've got a whole year to throw our love to Cocoon as more stations will be visited in the months to come, and of course, you could just use it as an excuse to get Ibiza booked.


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