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Space Ibiza opening unleashing 2016

2016 is Space's year and we've got the first date of its final season right here.

Openings and closings are the two seven lettered words that bounce off each other on repeat and cause your decision making to weaken. To make your lives easier, we'll deal with this in chronological order and give you the 29th of May as your spacey starting point.

As we know, openings used in association anywhere on Ibiza are a big deal, but Space has long been crowned as the queen of all openings and with it being the club's final year in the form we know it, this is the one and tickets are now on sale with us for just €50. In case the date isn't yet ingrained into your brains, the 29th of May is the day that breaks its darkened eight month off season silence as 15,000 beat throbbing clubbers combine to form a musically enlightened army. Lose yourself in the Discoteca, find yourself in La Terraza, disturb yourself in the El Salon, expose yourself in the Sunset Terrace and in the specially opened-up car park (aka Flight Area) where you'll find a huge outdoor arena, do all the action words mentioned above.

Lineup is another power hungry word within the turmoil rank and unfortunately we have to leave you in a question mark heavy field of uncertainty as we don't yet have that information. While the question marks fly, tease yourselves with the past, starting with 2015 which had in the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Deep Dish, Basement Jaxx, Clockwork and Avatism, Nina Kraviz, James Zabiela, Jonathon Ulysses and Paul Reynolds.

It's the fiesta that packs an electromagnetic wave into the frequency field before it leaves you grass stained at the edge, gearing up for more. And in less of the poetic bullsh*t, this isn't one you can relegate to next year and thousands will be well aware of that fact, so act fast so you can say hola to the beginning of its final chapter.

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