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Hip Hop flavours yet another new residency at Sankeys

The classes of old school Hip Hop and R&B will be waved in to Sankeys with the Applebum clan.

When David Vincent booked DJ Snoopadelic a.k.a. Snoop Dogg to controversially DJ at Tribal Sessions Ibiza last summer, he realised there was a gap in the Ibiza music programme to create a new weekly party dedicated solely to Hip Hop & R'n'B for 2016.

While Sankeys is holding a torch to the sounds that birthed the Second Summer of Love that stormed through the UK in 1988-89, the basement club is also set to reel in another new residency with another branch of the old school. Tuesdays from June 21st until the 13th of September will see Ibiza meet the Bronx with the arrival of Applebum, a party from North London that's all about dedicating itself to the quest of re-living the classic R'n'B and iconic Hip Hop culture, fashion and sounds that also reigned in shaping a generation from the late ‘80s through to the early 2000's.

It's being brought to Sankeys by club owner and head of Sankeys music David Vincent (who is a huge old school Hip Hop enthusiast) alongside Jordan Hallpike who is one of the driving forces behind Ibiza Rocks and WAR which has put NAS and De La Soul to the stage in the last year and Applebum partner Stephen Guy, so we don't need a Mystic Meg crystal ball to predict that this one is going to be loaded with the heavy impact stuff. Mention Ibiza and you'll be understood for not instantly thinking of the poetic rap chants that remedy the beat, but amongst the electronic delves, Ibiza has seen in the legendary pioneers, from the two already mentioned above to Snoop Dogg at Sankeys, 50 Cent at Amnesia, Mobb Deep at Eden and Cypress Hill at Space. It's maybe then been a long time coming for hip hop to claim a home here and at Sankeys picture this: B-boying in the Lab, graffiti on the roof, MC's battling in the DJ box and scratch and turntablists lighting the journey from its golden age right through to the present.

Applebum's Sankeys residency is going to give high aim at celebrating Hip Hop and R&B at its purest. But don't just expect big names within these genre camps, think a little deeper and forget the divides as some of the biggest names within house and techno have a love and affinity for this scene and consider it to have had a huge influence on their lives. Techno DJs performing exclusive Hip Hop sets? That would be in the standout territory purely down to its uniqueness.

A strong lineup is already in place and set for its hugely anticipated release early next year and while that remains locked, we can say that Applebum will be joining forces with other influential hip hop crews from the UK including Supa Dupa Fly, Gin & Juice, Brooklyn Zoo, Shoreditch and Cheese On Bread across the 12 weeks.

We'll leave you guessing the rest and until the lineups are dropped, If you haven't already taken a slice out this lot's flavour at their parties in London or festival gigs across Europe get involved in Applebum's mixtape series (see above). Think Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Jurassic 5, Mos Def, Public Enemy, Snoop Dogg, Ll Cool J, 2 Pac, Outkast and Busta Rhymes.

Woo Hah, Woo Hah!

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