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Ibiza Soundtrack: 2015 season

Over it or still struck by Ibiza blues? Whether you like it or not, this top 20 hit list will take you right back to summer on the white isle.

There were those bombs you heard once, or maybe even twice, but then there came the stellar tracks that wouldn´t leave your sweaty side; the kind of tunes that will hold a barrel load of nostalgia for summer 2015. Here´s our list of the top 20 beasts (sorry we couldn´t nail up 50) that had you reaching into the deepest recesses of your souls for the kind of fire that only music can ignite.

Special mention must first go to the classics that enjoyed a big revival this season, with Oxia's Domino, The Knife's Silent Shout and Ricardo Villalobos' MDMA all resurfacing many times across dance floors this summer.

Art Department
`Catch You By Surprise´ (Guy Gerber remix)

Guy Gerber's licking is a staunch beauty that from the get got has you touched by its heavy drill before a chugging groove kicks in and soon lands you in atmospheric layers before feeding you equally atmospheric layered male vocals. Exquisitely melodic and one our senses dived into time and time again and we´re sure you´ll agree.

Gregory Porter
`Liquid Spirit' (Claptone mix)

A proper groove packer that might have you reaching for a cream cracker to replace some of the energy lost. It was a remix that nearly missed the green light and good job it didn't because this piano-driven rhythm boxer was given full steam over the summer at all house-friendly events, especially over Radio 1 weekend when the Jazz hero himself flew in to throw down the vocals.

Frankey and Sandrino

You couldn't have missed this fella, this one was everywhere and probably followed you back to wherever you took the after party to whether it was a private or public affair. It is a track that defines escapism with silky elements, a fading vocal and long violin notes that left you strung out to collide with the synth arpeggio. An epic journey you didn't want to step out from.

`I Wanna Go Bang´

A mammoth that was in absolutely no danger of becoming extinct in Ibiza 2015. Robotic vocals stalk this track and ultimately stalked an uncountable number of rave heads who probably didn't realise how much they wanted to “go bang” until they heard the order at Space, Amnesia, Sankeys and beyond. Razor-sharp claps and some seriously strong bounce in the subs make this a devastator we didn't tire of hearing.

DJ Koze

DJ Koze coated on the sonically sensual in this sweet coated set builder favoured by Sven Väth this season. The kind of building track that wraps you in its emotionally evocative arms as sunrise hits. Smooth deep house that plays with unusual vocal elements giving wind to the popular drug that gave name to the title. The owner of the vocal breaths is understandably yet unfortunately likened to Politician Maggie Thatcher. Maggie wouldn't approve but thousands of you definitely did.

Eric Prydz

Prydz was lauded with extra praise in Ibiza this summer, going down an absolute storm at his Cream residency in particular. One track that catapulted this guy into the attention of newfound fans was the momentous Opus. It builds and builds before hitting accelerate and blasting through an almighty climax of powerful kicks drums and sub bass. Just in time for closings Four Tet released his own remix, bringing the track to the attention of the techno community and creating one of the best sit-down fails in Amnesia terrace history.

Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo

This is the result of mixing a cyclical robot sample – Daft Punk's Technologic - Hannah's bass house vibes and Lorenzo's electric producer skills. As if it could have ever turned out another way, the track became a tune. One of those infectious and masterful ones that get you grooving, Rhymes was played all over the Ibiza house circuit, including by Hannah herself of course.

'Cloud Generator'

Kink is a live performance genius and he gave this season one of its biggest tracks. Cloud Generator peddled our senses as it took ground in straight up big room ammo, enjoying its peak of popularity around the opening parties. Breakbeat elements littered with compacted piano splices gives this a real old school ravey touch that we prodded and petted as we felt only right.

Alan Fitzpatrick
'Love Siren'

This brute-meister layered on nostalgia for the old skool with its sampled loop of N'Joi's Anthem. It's a sample that laces this track with the kind of emotionality that instinctively has your head raised and eyes closed before it lands you in heavier, murkier waters. It was heavily in demand and was blasted from Amnesia to Space to Sankeys and back again.

Eats Everything ft Tiga vs Audion
`Dancing (Again)´

This has been remixed out of its nutshell and this year it was the turn of Eats Everything who had a standout summer season and whose touch made this track inescapable. It's a wee bombshell with addictive bass bounce that loads itself in between the instantly recognisable lyrics "I wanna go dancing". Dancing was done til dawn when the troops massaged their inner souls and outer soles until it began again.

Ricardo Tobar

The Chilean artist brought to life this genuine musical gem under Cocoon's wings on the past April month, including it in his album Collection. It is one of those songs you have to listen to through a quality sound system to really squeeze its scene, if Papa Sven is the one who is playing it, better; and if it is at Cocoon's closing at 10am with a massively packed crowd, even better. What a tune!

David Zowie
'House Every Weekend'

The meteoric success of Zowie's debut single is clearly something to admire. This tune had all the ingredients to be a summer hit: pure house synths, catchy vocal hook and happy vibes. Duke Dumont, Annie Mac and Danny Howard are some of the talents who have made us dance when it comes to 'house every weekend'', it also became a bit of an anthem over at San An's Ocean Beach pool parties.

Martin Solveig & GTA

Released at Spinning Records and played by all the EDM royalty along the season, this is a song that will get you shamelessly moving in no time. The breezy repetitive vocals and the large house breakdown that arrives almost at the end are to blame for this sticking in our heads all season; Pacha can share some responsibility too! I'll bet my arm this one will still be about next season.

Format B

What started as a secret weapon at the beginning of the season turned into a dancefloor king in a matter of weeks after the likes of Carl Cox, Apollonia and pretty much half the DJs who crossed DC10 floors took it into their rotation. The sparse texture highlights funky syncopated vocals and a clanking bass pedal. Proper groover.

Gregor Tresher

This killer track from Gregor Tresher released at Bedrock Records has sparked the fire in us at most techno parties across the island A synth-heavy tune which go down like a storm on any good speakers, a techno beast with a hammering looped melodic lead that has hypnotised the audience everytime that has been played.


Despite the controversy that this tune has generated, denounced as a copy of an unreleased song called Visions produced by 7th Star, it has still made us go crazy in the clubs, mixed by artists such as Dixon and Mano Le Tough. Copy or no, this audacious composition beckons an intimate and satisfying climax showing what underground dance music is about.

Claude von Stroke

The Dirtybird man brought this musical jewel to life in the 12'' he released in May and Ibiza's big bosses have been playing it constantly all over the season, usually letting it sound through the DC10 or Sankeys speakers. The track is hypnotic with a sexy bass line and groove that synchronizes your body with the rhythm. BAAAAARRUMP!

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Feat Ne-Yo
'Higher Place' (Angemi remix)

One of the biggest anthems of this summer and a great collaboration with hip-hop artist Ne-Yo, Higher Place has received a lot of remixes. Angemi's mix, which caught the attention of Smash House bosses, has made a big impression including tropical, dubstep and progressive house all in one and experimenting with vocals by making them more electronic and robotic.

Calvin Harris & Disciples
'How Deep Is Your Love'

The most chanted track by commercial lovers along the season so far created with deep love by one of the most high profile DJs in the world and the new talent UK trio. You'll have caught it most at Ushuaïa, or any radio station at any and every time throughout summer. Easy listening house not only made for the dancefloor but for a good pair of headphones or a car sound system - windows down necessary.

Leon Vynehall
'It's Just' (House of Dupree)

When this kicks in, you're pulled in with it, no heels dragged. It traces the roots of dance into the era of old-school cassette mixtape with tape hisses and vinyl crackles for added punch. It's upbeat with bubbling synths, a weighty bassline, continuous vocal sample and string finale. Rewind, rewind and more rewind.

Finally, a special mention must go to the classics that enjoyed a big revival this season, with Oxia's Domino, The Knife's Silent Shout and Ricardo Villalobos' MDMA all resurfacing many times across dance floors this summer.

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