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Tribal Sessions let loose on closing party special guests

Sankeys is saying adios to another one mañana, this time it's Tribal Sessions and the special guests have just been named.

We're being pulled left, right and centrefold with those extra excitement nuggets that closings bring: special guests. Some like to leave you until you're right infront of the booth already losing your wagon wheel to the ear smackin' tunes, while others like to treat us early. On the early treat shift is Sankeys' drumming session for Tribal Sessions, which on top of its already punchbag of a closer, is bringing in two more dynamos in the form of Kölsch and Joris Voorn.

Ahhhh si, the deckside heavyweights will be arriving alongside kick drum fiends Argy, Jozef K, Julian Perez, Manu Gonzalez, Secondcity and Shlomi Aber to give the hand raised wave goodbye to Tribal Sessions' second heavily successful season on the island.

Kölsch and Joris Voorn have already been catapulted across Ibiza in 2015, from Space, Amnesia and Ushuaïa. You don't need an excuse to see these heavyweights more than once so if you need a Tuesday lair, then this could well be your techno affair.

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