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Disciples: new music and interview

New music, Cream closing party and future plans.

Disciples, the London producer trio who crept into our houses, cars and headphones in 2014 with their original hit They Don't Know, have been around the island this season to spread some good vibes on such dancefloors like Amnesia, Pacha and Sankeys. Tonight, their trip to the white isle comes to an end with their last gig at Thursday night behemoth Cream closing party where the British trio will share the decks with big names of the house and trance sphere as Aly & Fila, Fatboy Slim and Paul van Dyk, amongst others­­. Of course, the Ibiza Spotlight team will be there to give you all the details.

With a huge variety of music influences, Gavin, Luke and Duvall have earned their own success through hard work starting from some remixes for MK and Lana del Rey which have pushed them to keep improving. Now, with a track on Pete Tong's label, a top chart hit collaboration with Calving Harris (How Deep Is Your Love) and The Following upcoming EP behind their backs, the producers are all ready to climb to the top.

Fortunately the first single of their new work has come to light under the name of Mastermind, a hypnotic, energetic and groovy tech-house piece that will be the queen of every dancefloor. Check it out and check what they have to say about their last performance on Ibiza, their new upcoming music and much more.

Why “Disciples” and who do you consider your teachers?

"We are followers of great music, whoever we think is amazing is who we learn from, I guess we have many teachers. The name “Disciples” came from a joke Duvall would play on everyone in the studio and it just stuck."

We could hear lots of different genres in your tracks, what are your musical influences? Who are some of the artists that inspire you?

"We all have different influences, from funk to Hip-Hop, from indie to reggae and of course house and techno, we're a confused bunch of people. In all seriousness, we draw inspiration from all genres; from the funk bass lines of James Brown to the progressive technique of early house records."

You have played at Pacha, Sankeys and Amnesia this season; they are very different environments in which to play. To what extent do you have to adapt your sets to suit, if at all?

"It's different every time. We like to adapt depending on the environment but we also what people to know what we're about, what influences us as producers and as DJs. So we try not to switch it up too much every time."

Your underground hit They Don't Know was a chart success. Was it a surprise for you? And how has having a successful track like this affected the way you work now?

"Yes and no, we're eternally grateful for the success of TDK, but we've always made what we've made without giving it too much thought about whether its underground or not."

You have been working very closely with Pete Tong, how was it playing for his stage at BPM? What are the most important things you have learnt from someone with such experience in all aspects of the industry?

"It was cool, it strikes me as something that will get better every time you go, hopeful we'll get to do it again one day."

Ibiza residents and holiday-makers have been waiting for the Cream closing for months. Have you prepared something special for Cream Closing?

"No, but thanks for making us nervous about not having anything special prepared!"

What does the future hold for Disciples? Is there new music on the horizon? Perhaps an album?

"We've just release the first tune from our 3 track club EP called “The Following EP”, its a track called Mastermind and it features Sir David Rodigan. We're excited to get all three records heard as they are all so different. We're also gearing up to do a US tour in November, and then it's back in the studio working on more stuff for you guys."

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez

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