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Podcast: SPTL194: andhim

The mischievous duo provide an exclusive live recording from Blue Marlin, Ibiza.

The Mix

Yo! Where and how was the mix recorded?

"Hey! We recorded the mix during a sunset set at Ibiza's Blue Marin, it was our first time playing the venue so it was super nice to have the headline moment as the sun went down."

Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"We always like to play a mixture of our old and new material during our sets whilst including various bits from fresh tunes."

In what setting should we be in to appreciate it most?

"Why not play this just after sunset whilst sipping a delicious german beer and getting a foot rub?"

The Plug

Who is most likely to cry on a terrifying, death defying roller coaster?

"Tobias is terrified of Rollercoasters."

Your video content is great, are the ideas and themes your own or are you working with some other creatives?

"We like to think of ourselves as the creative directors of 'andhim'. Sometimes it can be one idea and other times it can be a few ideas thrown together between friends there's no real method in our madness."

You're on a roller coaster tour at the moment, where can those on island hope to catch you playing?

"So far we've played Sankeys, Blue Marlin & Amnesia, coming up we still have shows at Pacha, Sankeys and finally Ushuaïa so they have some choice :)"

Recently you've been dominating the Beatport charts... are you the dominating type? How has the journey been to get to this point in your careers? Were there any major challenges along the way in particular?

"Simon is the dominating one in our relationship. The journey has been a lot of fun combined with a lot of hardwork in and out the studio. Our aim is to make good music and share it with as many people as possible. The biggest challenge is usually getting Tobias out of bed in the morning!"

What's the future looking like for your release schedule? Which tracks should we be looking out for?

"We're working on a couple of new remixes at the moment and we'd love to get another EP out before the end of the year. Next year the plan is to get started on an album as well."

"Make sure you check out our latest Groove Armada remix as well as Mr Bass from our latest EP if you're after some musical goodness!"

Finally, imagine you have a day off on Ibiza. You can do whatever you want with whoever you want to do it with. What would you do, and who would you do it with? Go!

"We had a great day with Solumon recently at one of his notorious after parties but to be honest our perfect day would be spent with Ibiza Spotlight drinking champagne and doing yoga ;)"

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