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FUSE lines up extra sparkage for Benimussa Park takeover

FUSE weighs in on next week's daytime sesh with additions to the line-up and a live streaming from BE-AT.TV.

For the troops amongst you who are crashing into Ibiza next week, you might have already added FUSE's daytime sesh at Benimussa Park to your must-do checklist. If not, lock the gearstick in as we're thrusting a bag of added info your way for the daytime rave which kicks off at the abandoned zoo at 5pm next Tuesday.

At the top of the bill we have the multi-instrumentalist and stellar DJ Guti who will play a live set, plus UK upstart Archie Hamilton added to the fray. They join Fuse record label boss Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito and Rossko with BE-AT.TV gatecrashing to air an exclusive live stream to your screens if you can't make your physical presence known.

Benimussa Park is one hell of a venue with this Tuesday's festivities filtering through the Treehouse stage and pool area. There are a limited number of tickets left for this bad boy, so the saying goes “if you're not fast, you're last.”

August 25th, 5pm to midnight. Tuesday Fuesday.

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