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Review: House of Madness opening at Amnesia, 2015

All the EDM heavyweights gathered in one room.

After the big success Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike achieved last summer, their House of Madness returned last night to Amnesia Terrace for the starting point of another massive season. Oh Sundays, mad Sundays… even the stage had been relocated to the other side of the room, hosting a new DJ booth under the watchful eye of a joker. It was one of the most epic light shows I have ever seen, with vibrant red graphics at the backdrop and different images projected onto the big screens behind it. Motion graphics, flashing lights and a very special guest who usually has a complete lack of respect for the baking industry, transformed the party into a festival fun on offer.

When I crossed the Mad-house's door, a sweaty and packed dancefloor welcome me while Diplo's beats were coming out through the speakers. The American EDM master offered a two hour set featuring his progressive electro style with hard bouncy basslines which perfectly suited the crowd (huge sit down included). As the set went on, he incorporated a huge amount of tracks with catchy and danceable choruses from I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston to All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled. Obviously he also remixed some reggae, hip-hop and dub-step anthems. When the set seemed to be finished, with Diplo playing melodic and quiet tracks, Steve Aoki, the captain of Pacha's Playhouse, suddenly appeared behind flashing lights with his true party face on and ready to start fist-pumping. The surprise maddened the attendees who couldn't stop screaming his name while Diplo was saying goodbye turning up the music's intensity again.

Then, the headliners and heads of the party, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, stepped up to the decks with 3000 strong crowd chanting their names. The duo started their first set of the season with their track Tales of Tomorrow, the new project which came to light at the beginning of the year. After it, The Hum, with the crazy video and the Charlie Seen's face projected into the screens. These two big tracks, perfect to start the show, made the crowd happy as ever. The Belgian Brothers went on their particular energetic set with accelerated vocal tracks like Bith Better Have My Money by Rihanna or Stay The Night by Zedd which ended with an explosion of sounds shaking the dancefloor.

While the mixed audience was enjoying at the terrace, I went to the Main Room to check what was going on with La Troya, the most popular gay event of Ibiza nights, led by the hand of its beloved DJs: Oscar Colorado and Les Schmitz. This year La Troya will share Amnesia Sunday nights with the EDM masters but as separate parties with different tickets, taking into account that the audience is completely different. The party was its usual flamboyant self, but as such an emblematic Ibiza event, I feel La Troya deserves the Terrace in order to deploy all its weapons in terms of show, decoration and performance.

From the moment Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike took over the commands next door, the night was an authentic madness. Steve Aoki jumped to stage again, DVBBS offered a short but high quality set (with less commercial tracks than our friends before) and fire flames were shooting out from the stage as part of the show. At some point of the night, when the sets were supposed to finish in an hour or so, I went for a drink. When I came back… oh Sundays, mad Sundays… all the DJs were in the booth, playing music together in a kind of B2B2B2B2B. The crowd was dancing as though there were no tomorrow. Chapeau for the House of Madness opening party, which showed the huge festival they are preparing for twelve consecutive Sunday nights.

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez PHOTOGRAPHY | Amnesia

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