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Review: Do Not Sleep at Privilege (Vista)

English flavour and pure house by the hand of Syrossian and friends at Privilege’s Vista Club.

After leaving his Sankeys' residency, Darius Syrossian has returned to the Ibiza season with his own party, Do Not Sleep, where he and his two talented friends Santé and Sidney Charles will offer a back-to-back DJ set every Sunday in Privilege's glasshouse, Vista. If the trio had something to prove on Sunday night then they did it, advance-screening the official opening party programmed for the 12th of July during a massive warm-up night which successfully set the tone for the season to come.

But let's start from the very beginning. The night kicked off at 9pm with the pre-party offered at Savanah Bar, located in San Antonio. The beautiful sunset, the sea breeze and the sounds of their set flooded the surroundings with the great and happy feeling that every pre-party needs to have. Straight from there (with a little stop on the way to check how Guy Gerber was doing at Beachouse) I finally arrived to Privilege.

When you see, even through a window, the main room of the biggest nightclub in the world completely empty, it shocks. A lot. But this season Privilege splits itself down the middle, so that each party is held in the best space for it - and in this case Privilege's glass-walled viewing platform was perfect. I started to hear the beats that Jasper James was playing and my senses focused back on the party at hand. A large banner, with a big-eyed owl staring at me, reminded me that Do Not Sleep was captaining the room for the very first time, offering a taste of the music that will sound at the disco during their debut season.

Hundreds of people gathered around the DJ booth, dancing to the rhythms of the young Glaswegian's music and waiting for the main course. After a much deserved ovation James stepped aside, and it was the turn of the expected trio. So Darius Syrossian, Santé and Sidney Charles took the nicely warmed booth to offer to all house lovers a set which went on for over four hours, where the cameraderie between the boys and the funny moments that the dance floor offered up were the main protagonists. British sounds and pure house beats made me feel immersed in the fantastic music they were playing, where we could hear themes like Transatlantic by Kydus or Final Shakedown by Groove Amanda, clearly showing the the Ibiza music spirit.

The trio, who we've seen smash the dancefloor before during their performance at Space opening, proved their mettle with strong beats and happy melodies featured in the first part of their set, betting for more tech-house and dance vibes when it was getting late like the new Franz Costa track Only Girls In the Booth. It was a long set, and although people moved between the outside terrace for some rest and back to the Vista again, they couldn't stop moving their bodies all night. The party went on beyond sunrise, a highlight moment accompanied by a really good anthem that wsd even celebrated with a hug at the DJ booth.

Quality music and a strong party proposal that, not only will support a new adventure for Syrossian, Santé and Sydney Charles, but also for Privilege, which is exploring the sounds of the underground heavily in its second room, creating new ways to offer nights for all tastes.

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez PHOTOGRAPHY | Marc de Groot

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