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Top 10 releases: June 2015

Kölsch, Emika, MJ Cole, Janet Jackson... some of our finest music makers have come out to play.

Rework 'Moon' / Soft Touch Records / 22nd June (vinyl only)

Sedated, beachy guitar chords ebb and flow throughout this Rework track, Moon, released on Seth Troxler's Souft Touch imprint, which explores the dreamier side of music making. The most low-key track on a solid EP, Moon is the ultimate summer chillout.

Eric Prydz 'Generate' (Kölsch remix) / Virgin / 22nd June

Buzzing off Eric Prydz as usual, but this month we have Kölsch to thank for his dreamy remix of Generate, which hovers somewhere between joyful and melancholy in that evocative and nostalgic way only music can. Kölsch is starting to positioning himself in the same crossover niche that Prydz dominates and, like Prydz, has enough talent to straddle the two scenes and still maintain credibility.

MJ Cole 'Bouldaz' / Method White / 21st June

Allow me to drag you from the stellar heights of Kölsch and Prydz' epic progressive constructions to the filthy garage inspired house floor. Garage icon MJ Cole is the man responsible for this grizzle grizzly beat - and Disclosure are the ones who brought it to you via their label Method White. Bass faces and badman shapes at the ready!

Mulder 'Spectre' / DFTD / 1st June

Rising Dutch star Mulder lands himself a slot on Defected's sister label, DFTD, with a growling house number that keeps the pace rolling and the energy high. We can see this just at home taking a Defected house night into darker realms, or lifting the dance floor at a techno session.

Jacky O & Mumi 'I Can Give It Up Whenever I Want' / Apparel Music / 22nd June

A brilliant dance number with straight up 4/4 drum hits that power through the slightly sinister undertones, not least of all the track title itself. Milan producer Jacky O has teamed up with hand pan player and vocalist Mumi to create the Circle EP from which this track comes.

Weisz2 feat. Aladin Anyebe 'Ko Si Eda To Mola' (Henrik Schwarz Remix) / Luv Lite / 22nd June

Weisz2 is made up of brothers Sascha Weisz and Andreas Weisz—fusing electronic production with elements of world music, this particular track a result of the pair's permanent seachange to Ibiza (where they now have a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio with label mate Claudio Ricci). Here, Innervisions' Henrik Schwarz ads a dab of synth and bass to make it club-ready.

Sarabi 'Koko's Vibration' / Highlife / 8th June

Staying in world music territory, Sarabi were discovered by Highlife as part their Highlife World Series, after a sonic scouting trip to Kenya. There's an energy and positive often found in African producers' take on house which is steadily bleeding into the global market and Koko's Vibration, with its chirpy guitar loops and rhythmic vocals, is full of it.

MF Hercules 'Raindance' / Classic Music Company / 8th June

Carefree, boisterous and jolly, Raindance can be trotted out as a celebration of almost anything. Split female vocals jog up and down the scale, serving as another layer to the funtimes, rather than a leading line. A lot of noise has been made about the funky Til Von Sein remix, but Raindance at its purest and silliest does it for me.

Emika 'What's The Cure' / self-released / 20th June

Ahead of her Glastonbury appearance, a much excited Emika decided to give away this track from her album DREI for free - happy days! In true Emika form it's moody, slightly unpredictable, with heavy electronica contrasting with her silvery voice.

Janet Jackson 'No Sleeep' / BMG / 22nd June

Ms Jackson is back! After several years out of the limelight the rnb songstress returns with a soulful and sexy number, Get No Sleeep (reasons for the generous helpings of 'e' not yet ascertained). So sexy in fact, one astute Soundcloud 'reviewer' commented "20 secs in and I'm ready to impregnate a lady" - the power of music right there. Plus she squeezes the phrase 'fait accompli' into a pop song chorus, what a ledge.

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