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How to pack for Ibiza

Remember that secret money-belt your parents made you take the first time you went travelling? Yeah not that.

Firstly, packing for Ibiza should be fun. To trick yourself into thinking it is, put on an inspirational playlist - '80s movie montage tracks are highly recommended. If you're running late go for fast-paced classical, like Flight of The Bumblebee; it's impossible to dawdle to manic tunes like this. Add some flair to the folding experience by practicing this ancient Japanese folding method. Don't worry guys, they do vests.

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Secondly, don't pack too much. Extra Stuff is only going to distract you from the main business of having fun; the more you have the longer you'll take to get ready which means less time at the beach or on the dance floor. Furthermore, the more you have the more you could lose; those familiar with Murphy's Law may also know it's enforced by summer-holiday-levels of alcohol intake. Ibiza is a marvellous playground and you don't need much to enjoy it.


- Trainers. Flips flops are allowed in many clubs, though in some like Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza they are not. Anyway, if you intend on getting involved in the action at all, they are entirely the wrong choice. You need closed, comfortable shoes that can take eight hours of dancing and being trodden on and come out looking grubby-chic.
- Swimmers. For keeping the naughty bits in and the jellyfish out.
- Underwear. Lots of debate in the Spotlight office as to which category this should belong to. In the end it was decried ‘essential' (yawn).
- Beach towel. White hotel towels on the beach = fail.
- Sunscreen. This may come as a shock to the English, but getting burnt is actually really bad for you.
- Flip flops/sandals. Don't be that guy on the beach in socks and sneakers. You're better than that.
- Cheap pair of sunglasses. You will live in these. They will be there through the good times and the bad times, the sunny times and the strobing times, until you inevitably lose or break them, which is why you only brought a cheap pair.
- Three days worth of summer clothes. You just don't need more than that, no matter how long you stay. Save time and money by showering in your clothes.
- Earplugs. Seriously. Tinnitus and hearing loss is a common reality that will stick with you your whole life. You know how annoying your grandparents are with the crazy loud television and forced repetition of every sub-section of the conversation? Well, they didn't grow up with iPods or Funktion 1s, so…
- Cleansing face wipes. These will feel like a kiss from an angel as you slide them over your feral face and neck upon returning from a club. They also work on armpits by way of replacement shower, and double as a make-up removal shortcut for ze ladies.


- Multivitamins - Their revitalising effects are probably just a placebo, but watching them fizz into oblivion is pretty therapeutic in itself.
- Reading material. Books, magazine, car manuals… whatever sparks your interest. You'll appreciate a moment of down time in the sun to get absorbed in worlds other than your own.
- Novelty rave assist. Flashing things, glowing things, chewing things, sharing things, hilarious and supportive signage, glitter (make it eco-friendly to save our oceans) etc etc… Make like the '90s and pack something fun.
- Light jumper. Sometimes, just SOMETIMES, it gets a little cooler in Ibiza. Take it with you on the flight - this air-conditioning can be freezing.
- Small loudspeaker / prepared playlists. Be the one with all the music and have a constant supply of great tracks and mixes to whip out at your private pre-parties and after-parties. You'll be the Pied Piper of Eivissa, but with more babes and fewer rats.
- Unusual and amusing t-shirt that helps you make friends if you don't smoke. It's easy for smokers, all you need do is request fag or fuego and you're bezzies. For those without this excuse for human contact, a t-shirt with Bill Murray's face on it is often the start of life-long friendships or at least a very intimate and friendly 5 hours.
- Johnnies. We think going to a club to pull is a terrible exercise, but for some fallen angels carnal relationships just come to them, so best do it the way that doesn't give you surprise babies or the herp.
- Bum bag. Thank God they are in fashion again, the practicalities for ravers are undeniable.

Leave behind

- Designer brand anything. Feel free to down that last beer and jump in that pool and play that impromptu game of Fruit Salad on the beach with randoms without fear of losing your most expensive possessions.
- Drugs. Trafficking is for eejits, see bottom of the page for evidence.
- Mountains of make-up. By day, you're swimming in the sea, by night, sweating on a dance floor. Whatever your intentions, that face just ain't gonna stay on.
- Stilettos. If you're going in for the VIP treatment there's a place for high heels, but for the vast majority of Ibiza Virgins, you'll be spending your best times front and centre of the dance floor - and you'll want to be comfortable and protected.
- Travellers' cheques. Apparently some people's parents are still advising they invest in these ancient forms of currency.
- Borat mankini. It's over, lads.

Leave room to take back

- Party fan. It's the classic Ibiza clubbing keepsake - a branded fan of one of your favourite parties will remind you of the good times for years to come.
- Inflatable something-or-other. This will live proudly in your room for a few weeks until it starts to deflate and depress you. You'll keep it up for another few weeks anyway, until finally stabbing it with your essay note-taking pen and casting it into the bin in a fit of assessment-induced rage.
- Disposable underwater camera. Go through 20 shots of blurry bubbles and ankles to make it to the perfect underwater moment.

Everyone's first Ibiza experience is different, so take this article as guidance not gospel. The most important thing to remember is not to bring too many kilos of blow.

And now you're set! Zip that case, walk out the door... now dash back in and grab your passport.

Updated as of August 2017

WORDS | Jordan Smith and Aimee Laurence

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