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Sankeys Ibiza weekly schedule for 2015

Indulge in the ultimate form of procrastination... and start party planning!

Not until you come to Ibiza will you learn to appreciate the modest organisational manifesto they call “a schedule”. In the real world a schedule is the domain of exam boards, personal assistants and professional development conferences; in Ibiza, a weekly schedule locked down is essentially just itemised funtimes and well worthy of celebration, and it looks a little something like this…

Behold! The (almost) complete Sankeys week in 2015...

25th May - 28th September


Amine Edge and Dance return to Sankeys after a triumphant debut Ibiza season, this time shuffling their party CUFF forward into the Monday slot, and bringing their French G-house sound a-thumpin' and a-grindin' into the club's walls. Expect plenty of guests from the label, serious moves and a touch of gangster.

TUESDAYS | Tribal Sessions
26th May - 29th September


If parties could wear underwear on the outside and rock a cape, Tribal Sessions would be the hero of 2014. The in-house production from Sankeys, dragged out from a long post-Manchester hibernation, was a huge success story. The list of names who played Tribal last year beggars belief, and you can expect an equally diverse range of artists to flesh out the underground house and techno sound in 2015.



Wednesdays are still a secret, but feel free to take your guess. We've heard rumours the flamboyant SupermartXé is packing up its cannons, cardboard, fireworks, lasers, feathers, sequins, gladiator sandals and breast implants and squeezing them into Sankeys basement. LOLZ.

18th June - 24th September


On Thursday we have a brand new party (that actually is as old as half of you) in Colors. It's a revival of one of David Vincent's very first contributions to the party scene, featuring UK garage and US house, the sounds back in vogue, twenty years on.

FRIDAYS | Shelter
22nd May - 25th September


Shelter is another new night from Sankeys holding down the Friday slot, which will focus on the freshest heads in the UK house scene, with Doorly already locked in as resident. Sankeys collaborates with Ibiza Rocks for this party, making it the official after-party for W.A.R! at Rocks Friday nights, as well as a quality night in its own right.

SATURDAYS | Magna Carta
23rd May - 26th September


Magna Carta has proven itself many times over, with packed out one off parties at Sankeys in 2013, a solid weekly bash last year and a steady stream of cracking events over in the UK. Justly so, it maintains its position on Saturdays at Sankeys, bringing guests from every corner of the global house and techno scene for a discerning music-focused crowd.

SUNDAYS | VIVa Warriors
31st May - 4th October


Finally, holding down its comfortable spot on the day of rest, VIVa Warriors ain't goin nowhere. Sankeys mainstay Steve Lawler's house party has developed a cult following over the years, seeing some pretty epic dance floor moments, with all warriors united in the cause for ultimate tunage.

See? How exciting are schedules!? There are earlybird tickets currently available for 25€ on Spotlight for all parties listed, but they wont stay that cheap for long. Sankeys two-day opening bender is also on sale at 39€ for one night or 59€ for both.

Go forth towardst thou ticket basket! And make your disco day-dreams a reality.

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