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Captured Festival Ibiza

Your chance for some trance... festival style.

Festivals can struggle to get a foot in the door in Ibiza, with the superclubs naturally dominating the party scene, so it's all the more impressive that Captured Festival continues to gather steam, returning for a third year of hands in the air melodies and foot stomping grizzly bass line trance.

Captured, a project from the much-loved (and unique in Ibiza) trance boat party Driftwood, is holding fast on the island for any number of reasons. First there's the venue - where more perfect to create the festival atmosphere than Benimussa Park (which you may know better as the old Zoo)? Open air, multiple stages, creative cultural trimmings beyond the dance floors... Benimussa Park was made for this kind of thing. Then there's the music. It's christmas for trance-lovers in Ibiza with a handful of the best names on the global scene today. Drum roll please for the following all-stars...

At the main stage Captured welcomes men of the moment Sean Tyas, John Askew, Menno de Jong, Will Atkinson, Sam Mitchem and Andy Moor. Whilst over in the Seal Pit Arena hosted by Wax Format, long-time fans and curious youngsters can enjoy vinyl-only sets of progressive and trance classics, with M.I.K.E. Push (in a world exclusive), The Thrillseekers (Synaesthesia anyone?), Airwave and Mr Sam.

As if you need another reason... the icing on Captured Festival cake has got to be the passionate crowd. Since EDM superceded trance as the most popular gateway to the world of dance music the trance crowd has increasingly consisted of eager, very loyal fans. This is not the sort of festival where most people just rock up for the sake of it - your dance floor comrades will be lost in the moment and know at least half the songs.

Well, we've made our case. Captured Festival will be held on Sunday the 6th of September and if you want to be a part of it, grab your tickets from us now at the earlybird price of 39.50€.

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