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The week at Ocean Beach

The pool party venue lays down its weekly schedule for Ibiza 2015.

Make your way past the eager ticket sellers, the enticing smell of breakfast fry-ups and the pumping music of the bars along San Antonio boardwalk, and you'll eventually find yourself at Ocean Beach Ibiza. The outdoor pool party venue has been keeping San An classy since 2012, and is now ready to release (almost) all of its party schedule for the summer ahead.

On any given day or night you can walk into Ocean Beach and find a mini pool party paradise: comfy sun beds, sparkling pool with splashing bodies, music, food, cocktails and of course a lovely view over San An Bay. But it pays to keep abreast of the weekly schedule, as each event has its own personality and music style to offer. Prices can range between 10€ and 35€, varying between parties and time of year - even at it's most expensive it's an affordable alternative to a superclub - plus you get a tan, win! So here's the weekly run down...

Mondays now belong to the iconic house brand Hed Kandi, who for the second year in a row will emerge from the Es Paradis pyramid to bring their sparkling productions and shiny house music into the Ibiza sun - a perfect fit for Ocean Beach. Resident Ben Santiago will provide the classics old and new, with a rotating selection of guests on hand.

Wednesdays are for Ibiza Sensations, brought to you by Spanish producer Luis Del Villar, with the best sunshine-appropriate Balearic house, with acrobatic and theatrical flavourings adorning the airspace above the OBI pool.

DJ Spoony & Friends are in charge of your Thursdays, where the former Radio One presenter and Dreem Teem member DJ Spoony plays a smooth selection of Soulful House and R&B as the sun sinks below the water line.

On Fridays enjoy a straight-up Pool Party, where Grant Collins and Sam Dungate spin the hits and you splash around to your hearts content. Expect pool-focused entertainment and high-level frolicking to ensue.

Saturdays are Soul Heaven, where you'll hear a slightly different soundtrack of fresh, deep and soulful music in the divine aquatic surrounds of Ocean Beach. The music is more relaxed, but the party will still heat up!

Finally, Sunday the day of rest will be anything but, hosting a rotating selection of one-off parties to bring the spice of variety to Ocean's sleek surrounds. Check out your options here.

If you know your days of the week, and we truly hope you do, you'll have noticed Tuesday is conspicuously absent from the schedule. Ocean Beach assures us they have something awesome planned - so awesome they just can't reveal it yet - boooo. In the meantime, there's plenty to get excited about in the regular OBI week, plus several one-off or monthly parties including Ibiza Spray, Scottish club giants Colours (6th September), up-coming artist platform Emerging Ibiza (28th May) and of course, the Ocean Beach opening party (22nd May) and closing party (2nd October), where OBI will really go all out on entertainment production.

So that's the first taste of what's going down this year at Ocean Beach Ibiza. We know from experience that sometimes you can be up for a party, but in no way ready for the hectic lasers and crowds of a superclub. Ocean Beach allows you to party or relax as you see fit, in the sun, on a bed, in the pool, with great tunes a drink in hand - what more could you want? Oh yeah, a perfect sunset. Sorted.

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