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EP review: Steve Lawler 'House Record'

Hearty beats for real house music lovers.

Artist: Steve Lawler
EP: House Record
Label: Hot Creations
Release date: 05/01/15

Steve Lawler's 'House Record EP', released on Hot Creations, is a testament to this house messiah's spotless record of rolling out beats that are found at both the forefront of my pre-drinks playlist and commingled in the darker depths of my twisted after party line-up.

House Record epitomises everything I want in a tune: rolling beats that almost make your eyes slip into the back of your head, snappy, repetitive vocals that become hopelessly familiar to you, and a heavy bass progression that retrieves the image of the flickering Sankeys basement lights engrained in your unconscious during one of last year's VIVa Warriors sets.

Another hit for Hot Creations that crept into a host of sets late last year, including those of Jamie Jones and Richie Ahmed, ‘House Record' alludes to the gritty acid house of the 1980s, reminding us where the underground started, and how it's come full circle once more.

City Nights is a faster paced record, returning to a tech house format we've become more familiar with but also boasting an equally enticing bassline and added trippy flanger effect. With a lack of vocals, punchy percussions really drive the track, which remains upbeat throughout. City Nights is sure to keep clubbers on their toes, providing the utmost atmosphere for trippy lighting and wandering hands.

WORDS | Nicole Macedo

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