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EP review: San Proper & Pit Spector 'Prospector #02'

A captivating EP created and inspired by Pit Spector’s live productions.

Artist: San Proper and Pit Spector
EP: Prospector #02
Label: Prospector
Release date: 15/01/15

Pierre Deniel, otherwise known as Pit Spector, has recently dominated the Parisian electronic scene exploring sub genres in techno and micro house across a range of ongoing projects. 2014 saw him launch his residency party Prospector at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, collaborating with an array of artists creating inspiring live performances. This venture motivated Pit to join forces with underground club artist San Proper, renowned for merging unusual styles into an eclectic sound. The duo has truly produced some epic tracks as a result of the live set they built together last year, expressing an immense level of creativity throughout the EP, 'Prospector #02'.

This four-track release is an excellent mix of profound bass lines fused with intense textures and fractured vocals, truly expressing the creative flare of this live-label. Pitpull Propercat has a distinct sound scape with a trembling bass beat constructed with erratic barking throughout, boundless energy and an obvious example of San Proper's signature of warping styles. A shift in tempo to Sleepwalk Your Sexdream oozing with narcotic, airy synths and sensual vocals that will undoubtedly transcend you to a psychedelic state of mind. The mellow chords ensure this track remains to be stripped down achieving a hazy quality for the ultimate chilled vibes.

An unpredictable, upsurge of effortless rhythm, Time 2 Rumble is well-executed with a solid beat and rich use of intermittent synths. While the impeccable structure is impressive, I feel this track becomes slightly repetitive although it does deliver a focused and immersive sound. The final track of this EP has peak time clubbing all over it - Vaporize bursts with many satisfying background layers, grooved by the charismatic vocals of San himself above simmering guitar strums enhancing the melodic tune. Prospector #02 certainly is an intricately designed arc of awing beats.

WORDS | Erin McDermott

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