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Review: Cocoon at Amnesia with Richie Hawtin

Two of Ibiza's techno heroes join forces at Amnesia

This week two of Ibiza's heavyweights leave their usual decks behind as they pay a visit to each others' residencies, like a sort of French exchange for DJs. First up was the turn of Space's techno-wizz Richie Hawtin, who started his week a little earlier than usual, paying fellow techno master Sven Väth a visit at Monday night's Cocoon.

Väth did the honours kicking things off in the Terrace, and was going full pelt with the punchy bass line of Martin & The Frantics' Petrol. With its melodic high hats and ascending piano chords, it's a slightly funkier sound than we're usually blasted with in a set from the main man, but nonetheless worthy of filling the huge expanse of the legendary space.

A party known for its good atmosphere, the crowd last night really outdid themselves. Like two communities coming together, the Cocoon regulars were joined by Hawtin's ENTER. disciples, making for one of the best mid-season party vibes so far. Perhaps trying - and succeeding - to capture that illusive season bookend magic, Sven had even dug out his much talked about opening night “If we don't burn together, I will burn alone” t-shirt, again proving that there'll be no solo burning any time soon.

Continuing with a varied set, Sven moved between vocal anthems like the Julian Marsh Remix of Wayne G's updated version of throwback With Or Without You, to the darker ends of the techno spectrum, with the deep bass and crashing build ups of Sawlin & Subjected's Texture 1.1. Showcasing some of Cocoon's own recent releases, Sven also treated us to Daniel Stefanik's synthy, bass riddled track Signs, and Alan Fitzpatrick's up-tempo vocal new offering, Truant.

Half four and it was time for Space's blonde front man to take the reigns from Papa Sven. Up behind the decks, the pair cracked open the bubbly to toast the crowd. Salute boys! To welcome guest of honour Richie Hawtin into the Cocoon family for the night, the Cocoon girls made their entrance, strutting over to their podiums in the centre of the dance floor as the psychedelic build ups in Daniele Mannoia's Call The Revolution pumped from the speakers. Adding to the production, the co2 cannons filled the room with their thick mist, so only a sea of I-Phone flash lights were lighting up the sequinned girls like fireflies. A nice touch, it was one of the few times I've been stood on a dance floor not rolling my eyes at everyone watching proceedings through a 4 inch screen, (I have an excuse, I'm working...).

Hawtin continued with a set of lighter, dance-worthy techno, with Stefano Pini's Obix (Fabio Florido Remix), and the jungle vibes in Jose Del Barrio's Give It To Me. As the night wore on, shoes rubbing and energy flagging, Hawtin's sway towards a softer, more melodic sound was the perfect excuse to keep on going. Fluid bass and rhythmic drumming from tracks like Ian O'Donovan's Lotus made it almost impossible to keep still. Even the glass collector was stopped in the middle of the crowd, crate above his head, dancing away to the music.

Making up a full house over in the Main Room was Cocoon regular Mathias Kaden and the techno masters' Swedish counterpart Adam Beyer, who was taking us to the end of the night along with Hawtin. Making for a consistent party, Beyer kept Hawtin's carnivilesque vibes running through to the Main Room. Keeping up a steady beat, the distant vocals crept in among the shuffling bass in Monika Kruse's Summer Drops (Nicole Moudaber Remix), as the whole room moved together.

As the sun ventured back onto the white isle, and into its favourite Monday morning party, the crowds slowly dispersed out of Amnesia and - for the truly dedicated - headed home to prepare for the notorious afters later that afternoon. In a night where two of techno's heroes joined forces, it's no surprise that the results were nothing short of super. And fear not Ibiza mortals, because you have another chance to see this magical pairing at work later this week at ENTER., where they'll be tearing things up on Hawtin's home turf.

WORDS | Joanna Wright PHOTOGRAPHY | Amnesia

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