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Podcast: SPTL174: Marco Bailey

Belgian techno, like their chocolate, is some of the best.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"I try to create a tale of music like an ideal DJ set should be for me: starting really deep and moody, building up to some peak-time energy power-techno, going down again and then again up and end in harmony and beauty. You have to listen the set the full length."

"The track selection is based on this story, starting with new release I did for Bedrock, peak timers like my track on Phobiq and some peak time material from Mattew Jay, to end in Harmony with Jon Hopkins & David August."

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"The mix was recorded in my garden at a private party among lots of friends and right people."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"Marco Bailey influences ;)"

In what environment and location should we enjoy this mix?

"In the sun, in the car, at home or in a club but with shiny, happy, smiley people who are open to hear a story of music - mainly techno but what has a wide spectrum in melody as well as combined with grooves, driving bass lines and vibes."

The Plug

You played the Pure Intec party at Space recently, how was it?

"Cool! INTEC is Carl Cox's label and I've been with the label since the very very beginning and still 14 years later I am glad to be a part of the main man Carl Cox and his family!"

You've plenty of involvement with Intec as a label in fact, what's it like working with the team? Jon Rundell in particular.

"Jon is an amazing guy and person, down to earth... a polite nice guy with heart for TECHNO and he sticks with that. He doesn't turn his jacket by every single stupid new hype that comes and goes - Techno is in his blood, just like me, and this makes it one team!"

You've been checking out South America on tour recently, any highlights of the trip?

"South America is my favorite part of the world to play for sure. Argentina is like second home for me, it's just magic, the vibe, the people, the energy! Colombia, Ecuador and Chile as well... but Argentina is just amazing to me!"

Do you wish, perhaps, that it had taken place a few weeks later to coincide with the World Cup!?

"Hmm maybe yes! I would have liked to play in Rio when the Belgian team was playing there, that would have been definitely an extra cherry on the cake, but for me any time of the year is great to go and play there."

You've been busy working on new material for EP's, can you give us an update on what is out and what is upcoming for you production wise?

"I recently released a new EP on my own label - MB Elektronics - named 'Something I remember', this EP did really well as well as it's on vinyl!"

"Now I have just released a new EP on Phobiq records, a new track that is going to come out on 7th July on Bedrock Ibiza Underground compilation named Cataleya, which is more the deep side of Marco Bailey against my usual energetic techno EPs. Then soon there will be something massive coming on INTEC with several remixes... I can't tell you too much more about it, not yet, so keep on watching out."

Aside from Intec, where else might we catch you on Ibiza this season?

"This Season I will also play Carl Cox's Revolution on Tuesday 5th August at Space, I'll play two times for Reverse at Vista Club [Privilege], two nights at Sankeys in September and this Wednesday 25th June for Suara at Booom!"

Lastly, you have some time off on Ibiza. Where do you go? What do you do?

"Time off is something I unfrotunately don't have enough of on Ibiza, I wish I had cause to beg to get a complete day and night off far in the forests and mountains of the beautiful amazing island... far away from the busy areas… just peace in the mountains."


It all starts with a beat. A virtuoso of any craft starts with a love in their heart and a belief that this is their path. Great talents make their mark on the world by perseverance, struggle and dogged determination- traits few can withstand for very long these days. But sometimes a character of substance emerges, someone whose passion and talent truly rise above the norm, someone that embodies this music like no other can, a man who champions techno like a religion, and someone that the electronic music world can admire and take pride in.

Marco Bailey is truly an icon in dance music. He cemented this status through relentless touring and with releases across a wide variety of respected labels such as; Tronic, Intec, Drumcode, Toolroom and 1605 to name a few. After his critically acclaimed "Dragon Man" LP on John Digweed's Bedrock label in 2011, Marco released the notable "Stella EP" (Intec) followed by "Jungle Laps" (Bedrock) in 2012. Esteemed artists such as Adam Beyer, Speedy J, Christian Smith, Joseph Capriati, Dave Angel, Ken Ishii and Sian all remixed Marco, always citing the fact that they are honored to work with someone they so admire and respect.

Marco's certainly not just releasing on other artists' labels. His own imprint, MB Elektronics saw him churn out no less than five separate EPs in 2012 alone. This was followed up by what some techno aficionados have dubbed a masterpiece, his 12 track album “High Volume” which dropped in 2013 along with his very up close and personal documentary “Marco Bailey.”

Marco is a festival fixture at some of the most prestigious shows in the world such as Tomorrowland (NL), Time Warp (NL), Awakenings (NL), I Love Techno (BE), Nature One (DE), Wire (JP), and Monegros (SP). On the clubbing side, he is a lauded techno ambassador at venues like Zouk (SG), Ageha (JP), Industrial Copera (ES), and Chinese Laundry (AU) and with his annual guest appearances at Carl Cox's "Revolution" events at Space in Ibiza, Marco has affirmed his legend and well-earned place at the top.

Marco continues to adapt and challenge the status quo each week with his radio program Electronic Force which is heard by millions of listeners in more than 50 countries. This, coupled with his innovative production genius, passport filling tour routine, and never ending love and energy for techno culture makes Marco Bailey one of our truest icons.

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