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Podcast: SPTL171: Adeline

Scandinavian talent in the form of a radio show host, producer, international DJ and promoter/resident at Tox and Destino.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"This mix is a selection of my favourite tracks that I have been playing out for the last few months. It includes some of my favourite producers like John Daly, Brett Johnson and Gaunt... the aim was to create a landscape of sound, like a fluffy cloud to float on all day..."

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"It was recorded in my villa here in Ibiza, with the window open and the wind in my hair. I work a lot with Ableton, so it felt straight forward to record the mix in Ableton as well."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"I have a few producers whose sound I really like and am inspired by for example, apart from the ones I already mentioned, also Terrence Dixon, Antonelli and Pompom who are all a bit more old school. So, this mix is an interpretation and tribute to the sound that is inspiring me and makes me move right now."

"I found it interesting that when working on a podcast, or doing a radio show, It's like writing a musical journal of the moment. It's a great way to keep your favourite tracks in a special place. I also found that I could apply the same kind of process I have in the studio right now, so that influenced the way I went about creating this mix. I've learnt to search for and recognise that inner click... when it clicks I know it's right. You might fight with shortage of time, deadlines and similar, but I won't give in until I hear that inner click 'cause then I know it's right for me. Then the work with the mix feeds back into the the production work again, so now I feel super inspired to get back into the studio again and finish some of my tracks."

The Plug

We hear you have news on your own party at Destino this season? Tell us everything!

"Yes! I'm involved in the making of Mirrors at Destino this season. It's a day time party that will bring something different to the island. We will have live performances and DJ performances, and not so regularly seen names out here. It starts off with a brunch at 2 pm and then it runs outside all day, until 12am. We open on Saturday (7th June) with a smaller Mirrors taster, and then next Saturday (14th June) is the official opening with Pillowtalk (live) and DJ Tennis."

So, the outdoor area is going to be customised especially for your party?

"Yeah, we will only use a part of the space within Destino to create an intimate vibe. There will be a special set design and tickets are available to buy via personal codes."

And will you be making use of the club space at Destino - Tox?

"Yes! Tox will be open 12 - 7am with secret guest DJ appearances and special after parties. I'm a resident there throughout the season and handle the bookings... it will be great!"

You have some new studio productions just released, is that right?

"The last release I did was a collaborative release which is out on Max Chapman's Resonance Records label now. Apart from that I've got quite a few new original productions just finished and I'm so excited to see where they will take me. I've reinvented my sound quite a bit and i think the world might finally be ready for them."

You are particularly active on the radio show scene, where can we hear you? What are the shows about?

"I've been doing a monthly radio show for Pulse Radio since last year. I used to do one of the biggest electronic music shows in Scandinavia for the Swedish National Radio, so when Pulse Radio asked me to join in for this last year I thought it would be fun to take it up again. It's a music show that features a guest every time. Depending on the guest every show turns out in a slightly different flavour. This last year I have featured guests like Ida Engberg, Mano Le Tough, DJ Tennis, Skudge, Ryan Crosson and Axel Boman to name a few."

Finally, you have some time off on Ibiza. What do you do? Where do you go?

"Right now I just like to stay at home in my villa, I have a lovely jacuzzi and BBQ that I like to hang around whenever I get time! Also I love to go and do spinning classes at B-Fit, the spinning room is built like a colosseum with raised levels and full on disco lightning and sound, it's an experience! But soon definitely looking forward to spending some time by the sea, having changed the city life for Ibiza, now I know I can't live without nature anymore!"


Combining an undulating vocal range with muscular yet seductive rhythms – overarched by a certain Swedish rock ‘n roll ethos – diminutive DJ/producer and vocalist Adeline continues to ensnare international crowds at her fingertips.

March 2013 saw the unearthing of her last original release, ‘What You Got' a 4-track EP on LA based label du jour Culprit, which comes with a remix from New York's Thugfucker, featuring Greg Paulus of No Regular Play on trumpet.

Having been brought up amongst rolling Swedish countryside, Adeline opted for the big beat pulse of the Swedish capital, pioneering the underground concept on the Stockholm club scene together fellow Swede, La Fleur, under the joint moniker Housewives. Here Adeline's restlessness was succumbed, if only for a short while: she went on to present Scandinavia's biggest electronic music radio show, P3 Dans, as well as acted in a curating role to the then newly established SoundCloud. Via Milan and New York, following a short stunt in Berlin, Adeline landed in the musical nucleus that is London in 2010, here finding the creative freedom she had been searching for, as a clear sonic vision began to take form.

Permeated by her strong individual sensibility, the result is hypnotizing chords and wobbly bass lines entwining with slithering melodies, often punctuated by Adeline's own playful vocals. Immediately attracting support from key players like Jamie Jones, M.A.N.D.Y, Damian Lazarus and David August, along with taste making dance music institution Mixmag, this accumulated to her first release on Get Physical's off-shoot imprint Kindisch. ‘Love Handles You' dropped in March 2012 maintaining a Top 20 position for four consecutive weeks in the Beatport Top 100 chart followed by raving reviews, and gigs at Eastern Electrics, Sonar Rebel Rave and Tresor to name a few.

As the rest of 2013 unravels, Adeline continues on her spiritual and winding path, bringing her eclectic choices further afield than before having teamed up with Pulse Radio for a new monthly radio show. The show so far included guests like DJ Tennis, Kate Simko, tINI, Blond:ish, Mano Le Tough and Anthony Collins – and rest assured she invites you along for the ride.

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