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Ibiza Rocks ft. The 1975, 11th June

Up this week was English indie-rock band The 1975.

Bathed in simplistic white light, the four strong band named The 1975 laid on a set a quality music for the Ibiza Rocks crowd last night. They ran through many of their hits off their self-titled album to a crowd very much hanging on every last word sung, guitar string pluck, and drum beat.

The English indie-rock band, hailing from the east end of the M62 - known to the majority as ‘Manchester' - continued a theme for Ibiza Rocks 2014 in laying down acts whose focus is taken away from the lights, the production or the ‘big show'. Instead, the focus was the music with minimal distraction from anything else. exactly as it should be.

John Newman and Lulu James are up next week, Wednesday 18th June. Another one not to be missed during Ibiza Rocks strongest season to date.



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