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Spotlight DJ competition winners

Congratulations and enjoy your sets in Ibiza!

In conjunction with our announcement of the Spotlight Space El Salon take-over line-ups, we're also now revealing the winners of the Ibiza Spotlight DJ comp for 2014. We listened our way through the many talented entrants and, with much difficulty, settled on a final four …

Congratulations to DJ Venus (Torino, Italy), Jamie Ings (London, UK), DJ Anthy (Frankfurt, Germany) and Ric James (Belfast, UK) … we love your style! Have a listen to their mixes below.

​To remind our readers what the four victors have won, let's re-hash the prize pack. Each person receives the following for themselves plus one friend:

- Free return flights from any European city
- Three nights of free accommodation in Playa d'en Bossa
- Two phenomenal Ibiza DJ gigs in one day: a set on the Playa d'en Bossa Float Your Boat party in the afternoon and then a warm-up set at Space's El Salon at night for the Ibiza Spotlight takeovers.
- Party guestlists for your two nights off duty

Great haul! We absolute love the creative track selections of all four DJs and feel they can really put together a musical trip that will go down perfectly both on the Float Your Boat boat party and in Space's El Salon.

We'd like to sincerely thank all the entrants – the standard was fantastic and we had a great time listening to all your work. Alas – there can only be four winners, so we wish Venus, Jamie Ings, Anthy and Ric James the best of luck playing sets on a classic Ibiza boat party and in one of the most famous, best loved clubs in the world. May it be the start of a long and illustrious Ibiza DJing career!

DJ Venus plays Float Your Boat + We Love... Space - Sunday 29th June

Jamie Ings plays Float Your Boat + We Love... Space - Sunday 27th July

DJ Anthy plays Float Your Boat + Carl Cox - Tuesday 19th August

Ric James plays Float Your Boat + We Love... Space - Sunday 7th September

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