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Album of the Week: Music For Dreams 'Best Of' 2

The latest instalment from the auspicious and eclectic label, mixed by Ibiza legend Jon Sa Trinxa.

Artist: Various (mixed by Jon sa Trinxa)
Album: Music For Dreams 'Best Of' Volume 2
Label: Music For Dreams
Release date: 23/06/14

The new Music For Dreams compilation sees two Balearic legends join forces to create the perfect soundtrack to chill out to this summer. Music visionary and DJ Kenneth Bager - who will be joining Spotlight at our final Space takeover in September - has brought in island legend Jon Sa Trinxa to put together the latest mix from his label.

The album is an eclectic mix featuring a motley crew of artists from the Danish label, from electronic and jazz player Hess is More, to pop guitarist, singer and songwriter N*Grandjean, and this kaleidoscope of talent means the LP offers up an A-Z of musical sounds. Razzy Bailey's country twang in I Still Hate Hate (Santiga Original Mix) is swiftly followed by the melancholic piano in Hannah Schneider's collaboration with Bager himself and his band The Kenneth Bager Experience, in The Never Ending Happening. The pace is switched yet again with the beachy beats in Beautiful Day (Trentemøller vs. Banzai Republic Remix) by Laid Back, a track that Trinxa recently said is the song that always takes him back to Ibiza.
This may on paper sound a little disjointed, but if anyone can weave these songs together it's Trinxa, who in the continuous two-part mix that kicks the album off, shows why he's one of Ibiza's longest serving DJs. In his unmistakable playful style he has produced over two hours of seamless music, with an infectious beat running from start to finish.

Having been a DJ for over a quarter of a century, Trinxa's knowledge and experience is clear in his selections. Made up of predominantly recent songs, the album has a distinctly retro feel. We're transported back in time with funky beats and sporadic synths in Fronter's Walking in the Rain, and the jazz tones captured by the sax in Eia, by the aptly named Jazzbox, feel like they're from a different era.

In my opinion Trinxa has saved the best till last, with the true gems found in the second half of the album - like the one song I kept going back to, When She's Gone. Bill Wither's classic Ain't No Sunshine has been covered more times than you've had hot dinners, but this version from Banzai Republic and Al Jarreau is one of the most unique takes on the classic I've heard. From the haunting opening bars to the echoing sound effects in the background, they've created a deliciously nostalgic sound, with a beat that grows as the song progresses, and by the end has you on your feet.
The album is rounded off perfectly with Emil Germ's Tease and Burn. An upbeat melody, tinny drums and Ayo Krohn's playful tones make for a sun-drenched sound that wouldn't sound out of place in one of Trinxa's beach-side sets, and with the album out this week, it's just in time for summer.


01. Jon Sa Trinxa - Music for Dreams Best of,, Vol. 2 (Continuous Mix, Pt. I)
02. Jon Sa Trinxa - Music for Dreams Best of,, Vol. 2 (Continuous Mix, Pt. II)
03. Troels Hammer - Efterår / Autum (Tonovi & Kenneth Bager Edit)
04. Troels Hammer - Butterfly (Dj Disse Remix)
05. Shelley Short - Coo Coo Bird (Rødsten & Jesper Rummenigge Remix)
06. The Kenneth Bager Experience & Sofie Gråbøl - What's My Name (Extended Disco Mix)
07. Jazzbox - Eia
08. Razzy Bailey - I Still Hate Hate (Santiga Original Mix)
09. Hannah Schneider & The Kenneth Bager Expereince - The Never Ending Happening
10. Laid Back - Beautiful Day (Trentemøller vs. Banzai Republic Remix)
11. N*Grandjean - Love Rocks (Jazzbox Gypsy Remix)
12. Hess Is More - Creation (The Kenneth Bager Experience Remix)
13. The Kenneth Bager Experience - I Wish I Could Be Happy (Beach Mix)
14. Frontera - Walking in the Rain
15. Laid Back - Happy Dreamer (Dj Disses Happy Horse Remix)
16. Jacob Gurevitsch - Lovers in Paris (Tonovi Remix)
17. The Kenneth Bager Experience - Fragment One (... And I Kept Hearing) [Instrumental Dub]
18. Superglue - P.U.F. (Robot Coupe Orientation Dub)
19. N*Grandjean - Wake up with Me (Pocketknife Remix)
20. Banzai Republic & Al Jarrea - When She's Gone
21. Hess Is More & Kenneth Bager - Yes Boss (Balearic Bongo Dub)
22. Grassskirt - J'y suis jamais allé
23. Emil Germ - Tease and Burn

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