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Review: Defected in the House Opening Party, 2014

Well that was a very big start to the Ibiza season.

I guess I should have seen it coming, but the Defected in the House opening party at BOOOM! last night felt as if the Ibiza summer season had just hurtled out of nowhere and knocked me sideways in a cloud of glitter and vodka lemons. I arrived at BOOOM reasonably early by Ibiza standards (1:30) but it was already total roadblock outside the venue, with half the island's part time population clamouring to get their House on with the party brand they've learnt to love with the fire of a thousand flaming wristbands. I'm made up for Defected to have such a strong opening, but BOOOM! needs to take a leaf from the English manuscript and assist their legions of potential clients flapping about on the pavement in the art of forming a neat and orderly queue. Jolly good.

Once inside it was not nearly so ‘intimate' as the entry process had been. It was a full house but still with room to groove at will – ideal. Much more areas were open to the general admission ticket buyers than usual, and as a nice consequence of this new freedom to roam I meandered behind the DJ booth and accidently stepped on headliner Guti's toe. Party highlight for sure. Meanwhile Oliver $ was building up a raging a temple to House music with booming drops and classic House vocals. Energy levels were peaking when the music suddenly cut out and Oliver $ raised his hands in the traditional “I didn't do it! I'm sorry!” pose. It was an awkward pause for sure, but someone in the booth started a clap and besides, Defected fans are unshakeably supportive and it would take more than a break in music to dampen their spirits.

Eventually the music came back with an almighty bass roar, instantly matched by a roar from the crowd and the night resumed with renewed fervour. Guti came into the booth early to show his support and generally the atmosphere actually lifted as everyone was thankful to be back on track. It was hot, sweaty and high-energy – everything you'd expect from a Defected rave. When Guti took charge he took things deeper, initially working around long bassy rumbles and later introducing the higher harmonic lines he is well known for, having long ago cornered the market on poignant melodies.

It wasn't the smoothest start to the season for Defected – but since when are the best parties smooth? Last night showed that support for Defected on the island is at an all time high and the label is in for its strongest season yet.

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