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Steve Aoki Set For 18 Week Pacha Residency

Hungry for electro and cake? Come on down!

This dude is all out American. He is loud, brash, an extreme extrovert, has a complete lack of respect for the cake making industry, and plays pow-pow-in-your-face-electro that'll take your hair off should you stand too close to the speakers. Ever since his days of being on the Badminton team at University we're sure his life has become steadily wilder as the days and parties go by. If he isn't sending the masses crazy with his brand of pumped up electro, he is throwing food at them or riding on top of them in an inflatable... it almost seems godlike in behaviour, and the photo above says a lot. Ibiza, may we introduce to you the party animal that is Steve Aoki.

From Wednesday 28th May for 18 weeks until 24th September this will all be standard practice at Pacha as Steve Aoki launches his first ever Ibiza residency on the island with 'Aoki's Playhouse'. If you're looking for a night to appreciate the complexities of the music by standing in a dark corner on your own and stroking your chin, this isn't the party to go to. If you're looking to go wild and enjoy a friendly food-fight with a few thousand other like-minded souls, then Wednesdays at Pacha are right up your street.

Steve Aoki will headline 16 of the 18 shows himself, missing only the 25th June and 13th August shows as he sources some special guests to stand in for him on those dates. Other then Aoki, no lineup details have been given yet, more on this as we have it, although he is playing for Pacha at the Miami Winter Music Conference on 27th March with Deorro, Dim Mak label-mate Autoerotique, John Martin and Martin Solveig, so using this as a benchmark you have an idea of the sort of artists to expect.

“It's an amazing feeling to be part of the Pacha weekly crew... roll on the summer and get ready to get messy.” - Steve Aoki

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