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Patrick Topping: From Home studio to Hot Creations

The Hot Creations up-and-comer on his passion for producing, his new EP 'Any Amounts' and how he broke through into an industry everyone wants a piece of.

A year ago, Patrick Topping was producing great music at a rate of knots from his bedroom, running established house and techno night Motion in his home town of Newcastle and dreaming of the day he would be rewarded for his passion and efforts. But not even Patrick could have imagined how much things would change in a mere few months.

Thanks to one of his first productions falling onto the radar of the hugely established and talented Jamie Jones, who immediately showed an interest, it's a story of 'where one thing led to another' and in practically no time, Patrick was due to have an EP, 'Walk On', on Hot Creations cooler younger brother label, Hot Trax. The EP, of which the title track reached Number 5 in the Beatport Deep House Chart and Number 7 in the Juno Tech House Chart, gained interest and support from not only Jamie who has constantly been playing both the EP and unsigned tracks of his, but also Pete Tong, Richy Ahmed, Yousef and Darius Syrossian.

The huge rising success of this debut EP has resulted in more good news for Patrick, as Jamie signed him up for 'Any Amounts', a 4 track EP this time with Hot Creations, which was released on vinyl last week and digitally on 23rd September. I caught up with Patrick to get the first word from this rising talent on his new EP, his creative process and what he thinks the secret to making it big actually is.

First off, congratulations on such an amazing year so far! For you, this last year has been full-on to say the least... From producing tracks in your bedroom, to having the hugely successful ‘Walk On''EP on Jamie Jones' Hot Trax, and now ‘Any Amounts', the forthcoming EP on the daddy that is Hot Creations. Take us through the story of how you broke through...

"I've been DJ-ing locally for about four years and producing music for about the same time, but it wasn't until Jamie signed 'Walk On' to Hot Trax that things started to properly progress. A friend of mine sent one of my early productions, a track called Fat Ballistic, to Hot Creations without me knowing. When Jamie's tour manager got in touch and told me Jamie had been playing it, I couldn't believe it! Jamie played a few more of my tracks for the next year then just after the start of 2013 he asked to sign Walk On."

As well as from Jamie, you've gained a huge amount of support from massive artists and producers, including Pete Tong, Cajmere, Darius Syrossian and Yousef who have all been playing your tracks. Can you remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard a huge artist had dropped one of your tracks? How did you feel?

"It was just a week after that first signing; I had just made two new tracks, trying to make something for the B side for the EP. Richy Ahmed was playing in my home city of Newcastle and I sent him the two tracks the day before. Before his set he told me he really liked them and was going to play one, so I was on edge through the whole of his set! When he dropped What Do You Mean, it was such a buzz! loads of my friends were there too and they knew the track, so it proper went off when the track came in. That track turned out to be the B side too."

You've got at least 40 unsigned tracks under your belt. Tell us a little about your creative process.

"It's maybe 50 now, I've been trying to produce as much as possible of late. I rarely go in with a set idea of what I want the track to sound like, just go with the flow and see what comes out… If I get stuck I just search for more new music and normally get inspired that way."

You've played your first couple of dates in Ibiza this summer, including Paradise at DC10 and Lost In Ibiza. How did you find the experience of being behind the decks of DC10 rather than fist pumping in front of them?

"DC10 is my favourite club in the world, so when I was asked to play it was a dream come true. It was so much fun, I hope to play there again. It had been on my mind ever since I got booked and I was little nervous, but when it actually came to the day, I was fine and more excited than anything. I still feel so honoured to have played there."

What other clubs would you love to play in over here?

"Aside from Paradise at DC10, my favourite night on the island is Cocoon at Amnesia. The thought of playing on the terrace... it's one of the best rooms on the island!"

It's got such a good energy hasn't it! What's the best night you've witnessed at Cocoon then?

"When I came over in July to play Paradise I came a few days early to see Sven play all night long on the Terrace and that was definitely worth it, it was one of the best nights I've seen him! Also Loco Dice and Carola back to back on the Terrace a few years ago stands out, as does Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts (Live)."

What do you think of the music scene in Newcastle compared with the White Isle?

"Newcastle has a really strong scene for its size, but similar to Ibiza, it's actually looking quite saturated at the moment. It's going to be interesting to see how it pans out, this upcoming university term…"

You're founder and resident of the house and techno night, Motion, back home in Newcastle, not an easy feat and a big accomplishment. How did that come about?

"The first ever time I played out in public was at my friend's 21st birthday and setting up my own club night had been something I wanted to do ever since I got decks, so that night gave me the confidence to actually do it and along with a few other of my friends who were at that party, Motion started from there."

How do you find producing in comparison to running your own night?

"I really enjoy both, although both can be really time consuming, it's never really seen as work. Promoting is much more stressful though, but always worth it in the end and it's also a wicked place to try new tracks out I've just finished."

As you know, I'm a big fan of the night- don't think I've missed one yet! It's well into its third year now... How do you think the night has evolved over the last three years? And what are your plans for it now that you've hit the big time?

"It started out as a string of 300 capacity parties and now moved to filling Digital regularly which is a wicked 1400 capacity venue, so accordingly the type of artist we book has changed, but we still always bring people we want to see to the city. When we moved to Digital, the parties seemed to just naturally happen less regularly, instead each time trying to put on a big event, with a few artists playing over 3 rooms. Coincidently, that's perfect for me at the moment, as I'm trying not to be tied into playing Newcastle too often, so I can play outside the city as much as possible."

That's a huge development! My favourite one was when Art Department, Tale Of Us and wAFF played. Tale Of Us have been huge on the island this season. Have there been any past bookings that stand out for you?

"...So many wicked guests, yeah Art Department were amazing that night. Some of my favourite sets have come from Cajmere, Flashmob, Spencer Parker and going way back to the start, I'd say Karotte."

What and who would you say influence your music? How did you get into DJ-ing and producing in the first place?

"Initially it was going to Cocoon InThe Park in 2009, which shifted me from the more commercial side of house music towards more underground sounds. From then on it was all about proper house and techno and trying to see the likes of Sven Vath and Luciano as much as possible. It was the old cliché of visiting Ibiza for the first time in 2008 that made me keen to get into DJ-ing, but it wasn't until I started Motion, that I got a chance to play out properly."

Other than the new EP Any Amounts out this month, what else have you got on the horizon?

"Just trying to organise as much touring as possible! I'm starting to get quite a few dates all over the UK and Europe, so it's really exciting, as it's just starting to fully take off and promoters from Australia and the U.S have also been in touch. Also I'm really excited about a collaboration with one of my favourite producers and good friend of mine, wAFF. We are about to start working on some music together, can't wait to hear what the outcome will be!"

A lot of people would say you were living the dream! Have you got any advice to other aspiring DJs dreaming in their bedrooms of making it big?

"Definitely the best way is putting as much time as possible into production. Also helping push the scene forward in your local area through promoting can help you too, as you get meet so many DJs and like-minded people in the industry too."

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