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Review: Fuse, 14th August

Dice definitely caused this Fuse to blow.

Wednesday saw an event that I for one never saw coming: Loco Dice paying a special visit to Sankeys' Wednesday party, Fuse. Having not even advertised on the line-up that a secret guest would be playing, the whole thing was very subtly spread by word of mouth, creating a constant buzz around the island the day before.

This was an unmissable and possibly one-off opportunity to catch this huge name and his huge sound in a truly intimate and underground venue and it was no surprise Fuse was packed. As Enzo has just recently been signed to Dice's artist agency - Artist Alife - it was a great way to showcase this new relationship while still providing the stripped back, minimal tech house sound Fuse is so well known for on the island. After a great season last year at Sankeys, 2013 has seen Enzo bringing even more great line-ups and quality memorable Wednesday nights to an always musically-orientated crowd.

Samuel Bellis warmed up the floor for Dice, mixing vinyl and playing a set filled with house grooves. The air was noticeably heavy with excitement as everyone waited to see what time Dice would step behind the decks in this iconic underground space.

Eventually, the crowd cheered, and seemed to double in size out of nowhere, thick with people pushing to the front and trying to film this heavyweight DJ and hugely respected artist in action. Before he played I had reservations that his sound would be too much for the space, but I found his set fantastic. It was Dice through and through, but his great choice of tracks meant it was Sankeys-friendly, conjuring the appropriate vibe for both the venue and crowd. His set was full of metallic clangs, epic drops and a deliciously frequent introduction of high hats that kept the sound really fresh throughout. He created an atmosphere reminiscent of Amnesia's Terrace, and a highlight was when he played wAFF's Space Invada'z which had everyone fist pumping and whooping. It was really the perfect music for Sankeys' sound system, the bass thudding through the speakers and my feet.

Perez took over at 4am, managing to follow Dice brilliantly, keeping pulses racing and the room's energy still at a high before Enzo took over to round up the night and the two of them played back to back.

After already having a great start to the season, Fuse has really raised its game after bringing this event to the table. I for one am glad I can say 'Hey, remember when Loco Dice smashed out a secret set in Sankeys Basement?'

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