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Ibiza Virgins: What can you do outside the clubs?

How to absorb a little more of this beautiful island away from those superclubs.

As an Ibiza Virgin, you're obviously going to be overwhelmed with excitement for the world of clubbing that awaits you when you touch down on the island. However, it's important to learn that popping your Pacha cherry isn't the only awesome thing to do in Ibiza, and the White Isle holds many an (almost) free delight away from the clubs, the cocktails and the 7am bed times.

Sightseeing on wheels

You can rent a scooter for the day for less than the price of two drinks in the big clubs. It's a great way to delve beneath the surface and explore the depths and corners of the island. With the trusty scooter as your companion, everything is a lot easier to get to. One the most satisfying things to do is pick a direction and simply discover your own favourite places on the island. You can also get inspired by our self-drive island tours.

A full tank of petrol is only around 15€ which will last you for the day at least. Just note that you need to have a minimum age and several years driving experience, with a full licence, to get a scooter - the exact requirements vary according to the rental agency, but mostly you have to be at least 21 years old and have a driving licence for at least 2 years.

A must-see for all island visitors is the Es Vedrà rock formation. There are many legends about Es Vedrà. You can make your own decision whether to believe that it is one of the most magnetic points in the world... or if it is the tip of the lost kingdom of Atlantis... or where the sirens lived that tried to lure Ulysses to his death in Homer's Odyssey... But there is no denying the mystery adds to its beauty.

There is an old watch tower called Torre del Pirata high up on the cliffs that you can climb up to and see Es Vedrà and the sun setting. The peaceful silence you experience up here at dusk is beautiful, and a great way to start a long-lasting love affair with Ibiza at the beginning of your holiday.

From Sirocco to Salinas: The island's beaches

A lot of Ibiza's beautiful beaches are hard if not impossible to get to by public transport, so having the scooter makes exploring the stunning and scattered beaches a breeze. Whether you're after sun bathing, rock scrambling or the perfect sunset, there's no shortage of sands to choose from.

Make like all the beautiful people on the island and pop to the trendy Salinas for a day of azure waters, soft-under-foot sand and sunbathing. Have a wander past Jockey Club and Sa Trinxa which both really encompass the relaxed glamour of Salinas, and maybe treat yourself to some Sangria de Cava so you can sit in, smell the yummy fresh fish and the sea breeze and watch the world go by.

If you're after a breathtaking sunset, head north to Benirrás. The sun seems almost within grasping distance, especially if you clamber across the rocks, and you feel like you're on the edge of the world as it sinks below the horizon in a moment of perfect tranquillity.

Cala Nova beach next to the resort of Es Caná near Santa Eulalia is perfect for anything from paddling and sunbathing to surfing. Clear waters and sandy beaches make this a true paradise, and it's in a lesser-inhabited part of the island so you're less likely to have to say ‘hey, you're blocking my sun' to any pesky personal space invaders.

Ibiza Town

The island capital Ibiza Town is a beautiful hub of raw, real Ibiza culture.

See if you're in shape enough to handle the worthwhile trek up to the top of the medieval modified fortress that is Dalt Vila. Along the narrow cobbled streets you'll find courtyards, hidden chapels, art galleries and the white-washed houses that a lot of locals inhabit. From the top you can see some fantastic views of the town and harbour that definitely make the walk worthwhile. It provides a great free day out (well, unless like me you succumb to a three-scoop ice cream after the uphill climb.) If you can, make sure you catch the transition from day to night here, so you can see the whole place lit up.

There are some great places on the harbour prom to eat and drink, but there are some hidden gems amongst the side streets that you have to visit.

Special events

The big clubs are a safe bet on catching your headlining DJs, but every so often your favourite DJ will play spontaneous sets in the most unlikely places. Make sure to keep your ears to the ground for these special events that could make your summer!

The best way to do these is to join the Ibiza Spotlight Forums, where this sort of information never goes unshared. Bigger bars will advertise their special guests, but it's the quirky and cool ones to keep a beady eye on, so you can also get chatting to the bar staff and sniff out the savvy PRs who might have info about any extra special events going on.

So while you're planning your holiday and buying your tickets for the nights you don't want to miss, skip a couple of vodka and cokes on your first night, and use the money to explore and fall in love with a whole side of the island that you most likely didn't know was there. Then you can go home with a lot more amazing memories, and possibly a few extra Euros left in your pocket...

WORDS | Lydia Laws

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