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Hardwell: The DJ Awards Interview

A chat with one who is on his way up...

The annual electronic music DJ Awards ceremony is fast approaching, this year falling on the 25th of September and held, as ever, at Pacha Ibiza. At 25 years of age, Hardwell is one of the youngest nominees vying for an award in the electro house category ("out-youthed" only by baby-faced Avicii), rubbing nominee shoulders with legends like David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki. Hardwell - or Robbert van der Corput - hails from Breda, the Netherlands city which also spawned his mentor Tiësto. Considering his meteoric rise to success since the breakthrough single Spaceman, it's safe to say he'll have a lot more in common with the Dutch dance music titan in the years to come. Read on for a little insight into how Hardwell is feeling ahead of the Awards...

Welcome to the DJ Awards… You have been nominated in the “Electro House” Category, how will you celebrate if you win?

"It would be a real honour if I did win. I'd celebrate the win with a drink with my team and then again at my next show with my fans. It would be a great party!"

What has been your most memorable gig so far this year?

"This year's Tomorrowland ranks as one of my favourite shows. It's a really special gig playing the famous valley and the stage at Tomorrowland is always wild with so much production pumped into the show. I was so excited to get on stage and soak up the atmosphere – I was buzzing for about 4 days after that gig!"

Out of all the tunes you have, which one never fails?

"Spaceman still gets a massive rise from the crowd every time I drop it. Dannic's new track Rocker and Dyro's recent one Leprechauns & Unicorns have generated insane reactions at festivals this summer. Both are killer records with so much energy."

If you ended up on a desert island, which piece of music equipment could you not live without?

"As there will be no electricity on the island (I'm guessing?) then it would have to be my drum kit. Plus I'd have the luxury of being able to play as loud as I wished without disturbing the neighbours."

The genres of music are continually evolving, what's your prediction for the next new musical style?

"There is a lot of evolution taking place in the electronic scene right this minute. It's cool and I love the different experimental sounds coming through. Seeing more euphoric sounds being layered with heavy, hard hitting beats like dubstep is great. I'm not too sure what the next big musical style will be because I'm not really looking to follow any set trend with my sound, I'm just trying to push my own sound and keep it as fresh and unique as possible."

The DJ Awards has some special awards not voted for by the public – one of which is “Track of the Season” what is your prediction on the track that will blast the dancefloors?

"I'm going to be biased with this and pick my collaboration Never Say Goodbye with my buddy Dyo. I first premiered it at Ultra Music Festival and since then the track has taken a life of its own and has undoubtedly been the biggest track in my sets all year."

There are 2 new DJ Award categories this year, “Breakthrough Artist & Record Label”, what are your thoughts on the recipients?

"Well it's boom time dance music right now with so many amazing new artists coming through and alongside this so many really good labels springing up and pushing new and exciting music. On my own Revealed Recordings label we have Dyro and Dannic who have broken through into the top tier over the past 12 months; keep your eye on these guys."

If you would like to pick anyone, whether its a musician, producer, singer or artist to work with, who would it be?

"I have great respect for Dr Dre. He's a pioneering artist and has made some of my favourite hip hop records. It would be really exciting to get into the studio with him and see what we could come up with."

If you had 24hrs off in Ibiza what would you do?

"Hire a car and go explore the north of the island. There are some truly jaw dropping beaches up in the top of the island. It's a fantastic place to really relax and wind down."

If you could travel in the time machine, which year would like and why?

"It would be cool to travel 100 years into the future and see what crazy and wild advances we've made in our lives. Be cool to check out the clubs of that time and see what music is rocking the dancefloor."

You still have time to vote for Hardwell until the 31st of August at

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