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SPTL141: Noir

A preview of what's to come at Ushuaïa Towers on Monday 10th June, as the naughty off-shoot of the Defected In The House parties - DFTD - opens for the season.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"Little bit of everything. Forthcoming Noir Music stuff, some things that are not signed yet, some of my 'Secret Weapon' mashups and some favourites from great labels. My new single with Sandy Rivera, coming June 10th. My mashup treatment of 'Around' which is coming July 8th and my remix of “If You Have A Doubt” coming July 8th are also included."

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"I recoreded it in my studio using ableton live. Its a collection of tracks that just felt right in the moment."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this podcast?

"I have been influenced by everything from early Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode to Gui Boratto and Bat For Lashes. Everything in music inspires me, sparkles ideas in my head. Right now, I am very into the groovier stuff, if you asked me one year ago I would say I played a lot of melodic stuff. It changes all the time. My ears are very impatient, they wanna explore new stuff, they wanna be excited."

The Plug

What is keeping you busy at the moment? I imagine you have a lot on your plate production wise...

"I am finishing a couple of Noir singles right now (full vocal tracks) and doing another Innakat release on Suara (hopefully released this summer). As I am writing this I just finished the Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1, so thats been keeping my occupied the last couple of days. Besides that I am running Noir Music, NM2 and Klimaks Records – Those 3 labels take up a lot of time and A&R for me."

What do you think of the move for Defected from Pacha to Bomba then? I know the club is yet to open, or in fact many details to come out, but any reaction?

"It's brave of Defected to move out of their safe enviroment at pacha and at the same time I also feel its time for a change. The Defected sound has changed a lot over the last couple of years and with their new logo, website and profile in general I think its just very natural and cool."

You're playing the opening of DFTD at Ushuaïa Towers on Monday. We just checked out the place yesterday and it looks like a cool venue for a party. Looking forward to it?

"Very much. Love Ibiza and cant wait to play the white isle again. I am gonna be there quite a lot this year and very excited about it as always."

How is the label coming along? What releases do you have at the moment?

"The labels are doing great (I have to say that, right) June 10th is my next single on Noir Music, a collaboration with Sandy Rivera and incl. A fine Jimpster remix. Next up is a 2-tracker from Coyu (Suara head-honcho) which is getting great tastemaker reactions now and the big one this summer is July 8th with the compilation “Use Your Ears”. 15 previously unreleased tracks from Hot Since 82, Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff, Gorge, NiCe7, Supernova, Noir + many more."

"I am also relaunching Klimaks Records this year (June 17th to be exact). New concept, new sound. 4-track Eps from Ilario Liburni, Pirupa, Bimas, Dan Noel and Superjunk coming this summer to make the first round of noise :). On NM2 we just released a new single from Nikola Gala with a remix from Spencer Parker and in July we got a 4 track EP from Ukranian iO (Mulen) which is really cool and summer-ish."

Finally, you have a weekend off. What do you do? Where do you go?

"When I have a weekend off I spent it with friends and family and go do normal stuff like take my time to do grocery shopping, running, relaxing, reading manuals for new vsts, gear, gadgets and eat lots of gummy bears."


1. Noir & Sandy Rivera - SOTOM (Jimpster Remix) - Noir Music
2. Marcus Sur - Your Tears Look Busy (Original Mix) - Noir Music
3. Flashmob & Pastaboys - I Need To Get Away (Original Mix) - Defected
4. Sonodab - back To The Nut (Noir Edit) - Souvenir
5. MashNoir - Around The Bane - TBA
6. Paolo Rocco - People Say (Nic Fanciulli Remix) - Saved Recordings
7. Ross Evans - Stage Fright (Original Mix) - TBA
8. KINK & Catz n Dogz - Good Love ( Original Mix) - Dirtybird
9. Supernova - Something (Original Mix) - Lapsus Music
10. Mashnoir - I Got Somethin' U Gon' Like - TBA
11. Jose M & Tacoman - Move On Up (Original Mix) - Cray1 LabWorks
12. Hollis P Monroe ft Overnite - If You Have A Doubt (Noir Remix) - Noir Music


Think of Denmark and – if you're a fan of electronic music – chances are that the name of Noir is one that will spring quickly to mind. Born Rene Kristensen and raised in the city of Aalborg, the self-confessed “80s kid” has since gone on to become one of his country's most renowned house-music export, having turned up on a myriad of seminal labels such as Get Physical, Defected and of course, his own Noir Music.

Known as a masterful producer and relentlessly energetic DJ in his own right, it is perhaps his endeavours at his own label (not to mention its sister label, NM2) that have helped introduce Noir to a wider audience. Having established the label back in 2007, it quickly became Denmark's most prominent imprint, hosting esteemed figures such as Reset Robot, Kolombo and Cozzy D; before it should be noted, any of that trio was as internationally recognised as they are today. Noir therefore, is also an adept A&R man, with more recent label cuts from Finnebassen, NiCe7, Larse and Hot Since 82 offering a case in point.

Boasting superbly judged remix packages (most notably, that of Hollis P.Monroe's “I'm Lonely”) and home to his most celebrated release to date – the ubiquitous Ibiza anthem ‘Around', subsequently taken to an entirely new level by house heavyweight Defected Records – the imprint is testament to Noir's forward-facing A&R policy, and may well be the home for his forthcoming album project, due out next year. Noir “can't promise anything” though, “because it takes time to create songs”. What he can tell us with some assurance is that it the album will explore his more melancholy side and that he wants to focus on “10-12 vocal heavy songs rather than a selection of club tracks”. Fans of his diversity-fuelled podcasts (check them out online folks) should have an idea of what to expect, with Noir very much a musician as much as a producer or a DJ.

Noir's story began back in the halcyon days of the 80's, an influential period that to this day, has left its mark on musicians the world over. Captivated by Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode's liking for ‘futuristic' sounds, he soon found himself craving more of the same: something of a problem in a small country that had yet to embrace house, techno or electronica quite like their British and German counterparts. But rather than be deterred by a scene that was virtually non-existent, Noir's simply switched his focus elsewhere. While his friends were busy listening to chart music, Noir, (fully aware that he was something of an anomaly in his group), was busy snapping up obscure Duran Duran 12''s. Indeed, the fact that he acquired multiple records before he even had a turntable (never mind a set) perhaps gives you an indication of his enthrallment with a sound that was unlike anything he'd encountered before.

While Denmark's scene has made significant strides in recent years (thanks in no small part to the likes of Noir himself), back then he was acutely aware of the uphill struggle he faced in establishing himself as a credible, house leaning musician. So what did he do? Why, he became even more determined to live his dream, and spent hour upon hour perfecting his DJing, while observing – albeit from afar – the UK's burgeoning acid house movement of the same period. The latter only tickled his curiosity even further, with British radio stations offering him an invaluable insight into a scene that was still but a fragment of his imagination.

His incessant work as a DJ soon paid off, and by 18 he'd landed a residency at a local club. Not that the promoters – or Noir himself - were quite sure what they'd let themselves in for…“Being a club DJ playing underground music in a small country is not that easy” he tells us. “At the same time, it teaches you to become a good DJ, because you have to bring something extra to the table to interest people. So from the beginning I've always been looking for unique tracks and not just average filler. I've always considered it essential I stay ahead of the pack.”

It's an ethos that paid off handsomely, with Noir's long and eclectic sets very much considered a trademark of his. Put simply, they're a sight to behold: one where the records - and the manner by which they're woven together – merge to form a cohesive embrace like few others. Such talents incidentally, are immediately apparent on his recent mix for Defected's In the House series, a spellbinding, 2 CD affair that stays true to his penchant for house music in its many guises.

The more knowledgeable amongst you will no doubt be aware that this is far from the Dane's inaugural outing for the British label. He's actually been a part of their extended family for some time now, and has played at their residency at Pacha Ibiza on a number of occasions. Perhaps more pertinently though, it was the label's re-signing of his single, “Around” (complete with Solomon remix) that put him on a pedestal even he perhaps never anticipated. In typical Noir fashion, it features a myriad of luscious tones and moods, with two contrasting CDs offering a fitting insight into a musical mind bulging with creativity; groovy, diverse and intriguing from the start to the end, Noir's instalment in the In the House series is one that neatly encapsulates his many talents with aplomb.

Outside of the studio, Noir continues to tour extensively, bringing his eclectic, unpredictable and hugely energetic DJ sets to an ever-increasing global audience. 2012 saw him play at some of the world's most revered clubbing institutions, including Watergate Berlin, Ministry of Sound London, Warung Brazil, Playa Del Carmen Mexico and Pacha, Ibiza as well as gigs at festivals including Sonar and ADE. As Noir's profile remains on a steep incline, as does the demand for his unique blend of house and techno, as evidenced by dates in Sydney, Berlin, Cairo, Leeds, Paris and many more besides already confirmed for 2013.

The rise and rise of Noir and Noir Music continues…

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