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Truth's Vision Play arrives on Ibiza

Can I, can't I? Dare I? Truth's Vision, the award winning play from Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper arrives on the island for two special performances.


How often is it that we choose a path that is acceptable and indeed 'easy', as dictated by society. Such a path may not fill us with fire, with passion but let's face it, it's safe and stops us being laughed at. It's much more acceptable day to day to fail at something 'normal' and for people to commiserate than fail at something that was considered 'outside the box' in the first place.

Stay safe, be normal - this is drilled into us from every angle and goodness help those that dare to challenge the norm.

Truth's Vision tackles and challenges that very subject. The fifty minute play (described by one as 'a play that becomes a party, a celebration') sees actresses Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper assume two sides of Grace. Lily is Graces 'truth' and Robyn is Graces 'visionary' persona.

With compassion, with humour, with insight, the play looks at Graces life as she balances work, love, herself with these conflicting sides.

Lily Lowe-Meyers Robyn Cook Truth's Vision
Robyn Cooper, Emanuela Cooper and Lily Lowe-Myes relaxing pre-show in Es Cana

Winner of the Quirksome "Act Two" award in Nottingham ('Most Innotative Writing'), actresses Lily and Robyn, friends since the age of three, have received nothing but acclaim for Truth's Vision from the very start. Initially the play was a short twenty minute performance, enchanting all who were fortunate enough to see it. However after the Quirksome Award, musical director Martin Berry (English National Opera) stepped in to help the girls cement the structure of the story. Beth Shouler BA HONS, MA (Distinction), also a director, offered her considerable expertise as a dramaturge.

Truth's Vision became more solid and a show, now fifty minutes in length, was announced at the Nursery Theatre, London. One fan, who had so enjoyed the 20 minute play was concerned that the magic might have been lost. So concerned that she flew from Ibiza to London to see the new Truth's Vision. Her name was Emanuela Cooper, Robyn's mother.

Emanuela need not have been concerned. In fact, watching her own reaction and that of the audience she decided she wanted ALL her friends to see Truth's Vision and arranged for it to be brought to Ibiza.

Lily Lowe-Meyers Robyn Cooper Truth's Vision
Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper, Es Cana

Described by as 'a quirky and uplifting exploration of the internal battle between 'No, I couldn't possibly.' and 'Yes, I can!', the play has certainly captured the imagination of those on Ibiza. With only two shows currently booked (details below), islanders are hurrying to inform friends of this play that combines drama, dance, song and apparently martial arts! Is it because here on Ibiza so few people have listened to the 'be normal, be safe' but instead, just as Grace does, reached out to grasp the dream?

When asked what they hoped the audience would gain from the performance, Lily and Robyn replied, 'Courage, to be uplifted, to feel the joy of being alive rather than crushed by Life'.

Truth's Vision can be seen at -

Teatro Espania, Santa Eulalia.
Thursday 07th Feb, 8:30pm (prompt)
No reservation possible
Suggested arrival 6pm onwards, enjoy drinks pre-show.
Tickets (€10) available from 6.30pm

Restaurant Chimichuri, Ctra de Cla Conta KM 0.1
Friday 08th Feb - 8.30pm (prompt)
Reservations essential -
Buffet included incl Baked Pork Loin with sauce, veal goulash, vegetable lasagna, pizzas (vegetarian), and of course bread, olives y alioli)
Tickets €20

You can also keep up with Truth's Visions news via Truth's Vision Facebook Page

Lead Photo: Giulio Marcello

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