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Patron Saints Day, San Antonio, 17th January

On Ibiza, each town and village celebrates the day of their Patron Saint but perhaps one of the biggest is Patron Saints Day of San Antonio.

Patron Saints Day, 17th January, sees the town of San Antonio celebrate the day of their Patron Saint, Sant Antoni (Saint Anthony)

Historically, Sant Antoni is the Patron Saint of Temptation - he was also considered the Patron Saint of Animals. Living a largely monastic life, he was nonetheless well known for his trials in overcoming temptation and miracles in healing the sick. He died in 356, at the age of 105 years, on 17th January.

On Ibiza, the Fiesta to celebrate Patron Saints Day in San Antonio is perhaps the biggest of all the islands Saints celebrations.

Events commenced 11th January but the day of the greatest focus remains 17th January, the day of Saint Anthonys death.

Details: 17th January - Patron Saints Day, San Antonio

Midday Mass commences at 12 lunchtime and is then followed by a procession and folk dancing. Many local people traditionally dress up as Moors and Christians and join in. If ever you wanted to witness the traditional island dance style (Baile Payes) accompanied with island instruments, it is a fantastic opportunity.

At 1pm, after this rather spectacular start, there is a blessing of the animals, accompanied with a horse and cart display, a releasing of doves, more dancing and food and wine offered at the New Town Hall.

Celebrations will continue throughout the day but some of note are the Magicians Show in the Marquee, 7.30pm suitable for both adults and children, followed by a cabaret act at 9pm (audience participation expected!)

At 10.30pm, the Marquee will host "Show On" and it's time to dance the night away in celebration.

Please be aware for your convience, that Patron Saints Day, San Antonio is a public holiday for the district.

Events celebrating the Patron Saint Antoni continue for the next few weeks - please check our Events Calendar for more details.

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