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Fashion: Steamy Ibiza - Valentine's Day Ideas

Fashion editor, Leena Bhatti, addresses the men directly in this months up close and personal tips for wowing on Saint Valentine's Day.


Has Justin Timberlake been watching Ibiza fashion trends per chance?..

His stylish return to pop music after a 6 year hiatus can be seen in the teaser video to his first single, Suit and Tie (YouTube link). The moody black and white Sinatra-esque video features Mr Timberlake, preparing for an evening with a lady friend.

Testimony to the seductive powers of a reverse strip tease, the video opens with him getting groomed and dressed in the holy grail of men's suits. A Tom Ford number. With Valentine's Day almost upon us, the release couldn't have been timed better. Gentlemen, put away your well versed satire on Love and Consumerism. When we girls say we aren't bothered by Valentine's Day, we're lying.

Take salvation in this month's Steamy Ibiza. Valentine's Day ideas for her and fashion tips for what to wear on the night for you. Accept this mission and at worst it will lighten your wallet. At best, you may have the night of your life, Ibiza style.

Ibiza Style Fashion Valentines Day Ideas

Opus Noir - Bra £48.00. Brief £21.00

Valentine's Day ideas -More tease than sleaze:
Let's start with the obvious. Lingerie. Get it wrong and it might be a ball breaker. A little undercover research in her drawers will ensure your woman feels more like a Goddess than goddamm awful when unwrapping your Valentine's gift. Check labels for her size. Check a couple of her bras and knickers and note down the size that appears often. Style wise go for something simple and sophisticated like this sheer black number.

Ibiza Style Fashion Valentines Day Ideas

Natasha Collis Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are a girl's best friend..
Not ready to put a ring on it? Then run for the hills. The "artisan hills" of Sant Miquel that is. This is where you will find artisan jewellery designer, Natasha Collis's exquisite handmade pieces. Ibiza based, Natasha uses flame against charcoal to organically shape her signature irregular gold nuggets. This breath taking necklace will sit beautifully on any décolletage.

Ibiza Style Fashion Valentines Day Ideas

Charbonnel Truffles

Champagne and truffles! You can do no wrong by feeding your lover these Charbonnel et Walker Champagne truffles on Valentine's. Administer then stand back. Observe for that big“O”melt in the mouth buttery look of delight and satisfaction.

With your gift bought, time to focus on you. What are the Ibiza fashion trends for a man to wear on Valentine's Day?

Ibiza Style Fashion Valentines Day Ideas


Valentine's Day ideas - Big boy pants.
These Paisley print boxers are roomy for all. No need to fall into a psychedelic frenzy. Paisley Power has been given a contemporary urban feel courtesy of Givenchy. Well if Prince can pull it off then so can you. Certain to leave her wanting your extra time and your Kiss.

Ibiza Style Fashion Valentines Day Ideas

ZARA Double Breasted Jacket

Dressing up for your woman on Valentine's in a suit and tie might be too formal. Do still make an effort. A double breasted jacket with jeans could offer you the right fit. Leave your Miami Vice fantasies behind. Rolling up your sleeves and winking at the waitress Don Johnson style is not sexy or cool. A much sharper, slicker affair, David Beckham and Ryan Gosling have all been rocking the DB look. Keep the bottom button undone. It's less stuffy and allows for movement.

Ibiza Style Fashion Valentines Day Ideas

Felt by Natalie - Set the Scene

Talking of movement, "Wild fibres in sensual motion" is the strap line for Ibiza based designer and Eco Goddess, Natalie Groenveld's unique creations. Hopefully it can be yours on Valentine's night too. Set the scene with this luxurious throw (candles are standard). Scatter some cushions and you've created the perfect romantic love in. The lady in your life will be impressed by your luxurious interior knowledge extending beyond an Ikea rug.

Ibiza Style Fashion Valentines Day Ideas


I realise however that the best laid plans don't always go as such. Should you be required to rush out in the middle of the night to re-fuel, then this utilitarian khaki parka is a great addition to your Ibiza style survival kit. Parkers were originally worn by Inuit's and Eskimos to provide protection from the Arctic climate. Later they were adopted by the US military who created the N-3B‘snorkel' parka. Less South Park more icon. Esquire magazine recently stated “A man needs but 3 coats; a parka, an everyday one and a formal one."

Gentlemen, I hope this month's Steamy Ibiza has helped with your Valentine's Day ideas. Mostly I hope it's helped a little in bringing your Ibiza style sexy back.

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