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Fashion: Steamy Ibiza - Easter

Leena Bhatti offers some great tips - not just for Easter but wardrobe remedies generally. We'll be trying some of these ourselves!


Winter always turns to spring. Before you question my prophetic powers, let me explain my obvious statement. Like the hangover that has overstayed its welcome, February has dragged its blurry feet for far too long.

With Easter on the horizon and wanting desperately to feel a sense of rejuvenation (as promised by Christ), I observed Lent. I fasted and oh did I pray (Hello, where were you on Valentine's Day, Agent Provocateur?). Penance it proved was the biggest hurdle. I'm simply never too sorry for the sinful things I do. Luckily, Ibiza is magical enough to resurrect anyone and spring is definitely in the air. Time for a wardrobe detox and fashion spring clean!

Ibiza Fashion Wardrobe Spring Clean Tips

This month I share a few tips on how to get the best from your Ibiza closet. The best bit about purging is splurging. So this month's Steamy Ibiza contains a few key spring fashion trends for both the Ladies and Gentlemen.

Easter Fashion Style Step 1: Out with the old. In with the new

Open wide. Your closet doors that is. This may be emotional. I suggest you phone a friend with benefits. The benefit being that they will use any means necessary to extract your Swarovski studded jeans circa 1996 from you. I'm addressing the gentlemen here. Ladies, the comfy jumper given to you by your ex is holding you back. Bin it immediately and watch them come. Sort everything into piles: The Good (keep), The Bad (Charity/E-bay) and The Ugly (bin).

Still too full on? Then the reverse hanger trick may be for you. This identifies which items of clothing you don't wear and are just holding onto. To start with, reverse all your hangers so they are facing you. Each time you take something out to wear, when returning, turn the hanger away from you. A few months into this experiment and the clothes that you don't wear will be facing their sorry selves towards you. These offenders are taking up space and need to go.
Wardrobe detoxed? Time to shop for Easter's key fashion trends.

Easter Fashion Style for Gentlemen: The Short Suit.

This is not a description of a suit for small people. The Short suit is a jacket and tailored short combo. With designers Junya Watanabe and Richard James showcasing it at London Fashion Week, it is a big trend for men. You are not attending a wedding in Hawaii so keep shorts tailored, slim fitting from the hip to the hem and falling just above the knees. Dress tailored shorts down not up. Mix patterns, colours and fabrics. This Ralph Lauren Jacket and shorts combo works well as its not matchy matchy.

Ibiza fashion Short Sit Jacket
Short Suit - House of Fraser

Still too formal for you? Then look to the street and the Californian skate boarding culture. Forget Avril Lavigne Sk8ter Boi teen age sloppiness. This is a look strictly for men not boys. With prize money for Skate boarding competitions hitting six figure sums, Pro Skaters have been swapping their friendship bracelets for Rolexes. Their nonchalant cool style, photographed just as much their skating skills. Think graphic T's, prints, camouflage (checkout the jeans from Zara), acid wash, chinos, denim and sweat tops with burst of neon.

Ibiza Fashion Zara Jeans
Jeans for Men - Zara

Layering is key to this look, providing the perfect trans season fix. Keep it gritty and authentic with key accessories. A back pack, vintage sports socks and the all-important footwear. Loving these Nike vintage boots.

Ibiza Fashion Nike Trainers
Nike Trainers - Blazer Mid Vintage Premium Suede

Outerwear can be finished off with a cool bomber jacket. No need to shave your hair in a nod to the mods. The bomber jacket was originally designed by the American military and called a MA-1 jacket. Issued to pilots as an intermediate weight flight jacket, like the trusty parka, it has now become iconic. Check out this Varsity bomber for instant geek cool.

Ibiza Fashion Bomber Jacket

Oxblood Bomber jacket - TOPMAN

The bomber is a huge spring fashion trend for women too. Bombers can be boxy. Keep the silhouette feminine by looking for softer fabrics, like silk. I am in lust with this one from Zara, emblazoned in an Oriental pattern.

Ibiza Fashion Bomber jacket for women

Oriental Jacket - Zara

High Priestess of Fashion, Rihanna has launched a new line for River Island. Below are two of my favourite pieces huge for spring fashion. Doing the Splits and Neon. The split skirt is one sexy addition to your wardrobe ladies. Lanvin, Christopher Kane and Gaultier all rocking it on the international catwalks. Expect to see this style everywhere this year. This Neon body con dress is perfect for showing off even a subtle spring tan;)

Ibiza Fashion Rihanna

Rihanna Neon Dress - River Island

So with the Island in the throes of Easter, expect the unexpected. A quiet lunch can turn into an invite on a yacht which can turn into a party on the beach! "Dressing unexpected Moments" is exactly what designer, Ana Peman had in mind whilst creating her exquisite and unique pieces. This dress can take you from day to night. Where else but here can you wear a backless dress in the day?

Ibiza Fashion Backless Black Dress

Ana Peman - Black Dress

Where else but on this magical Island can you do a lot of things? Let me leave you all with one last tantalising prediction. After spring 2013 comes summer 2013. I'm already feeling it...are you?

Ana Peman Image courtesy of Derrick Santini - Oscar Munar assisted - hair and make-up Pablo Ramos

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