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Easter Events in Ibiza

Easter is a serious occasion in Ibiza. Mostly... Here we take a look at some of the more spectacular but sombre gatherings that really shouldn't be missed!

Easter in Ibiza is a time of fervent Catholic worship, but no matter what your religious or personal beliefs, the celebrations and processions are a sight to behold.

Holy Week processions are celebrated in most towns in Ibiza, but the main ones are to be found in Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia, where literally thousands of people line the streets to watch this solemn yet fascinating religious spectacle.

The first procession takes place on Maundy Thursday in Santa Eulalia, setting off from La Capella de Lourdes in the town centre at 21.00 hrs, and making its way to Puig de Missa Church on top of the hill overlooking the town.

Good Friday sees two processions in Santa Eulalia; the first one starting at 10.00 am, going from the market to the church where the Stations of the Cross are represented. This is followed by a concert by the Banda Municipal de Musica de Santa Eularia des Riu at midday.

The second, and most important procession, starts at 20.00 hrs at the church, very slowly making its way through the streets in veneration of the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The main Easter procession in Ibiza Town is held on Good Friday, when religious "brotherhoods", consisting of hundreds of penitents, carry sanctified statues of saints and other important religious figures all the way from the Cathedral at the top of Dalt Vila, down through the narrow streets of the old town, and on to the Vara de Rey.

As it is considered such a humbling privilege to be part of this procession, the monks and members of lay orders taking part, wear flowing cloaks, and high, pointed hoods to cover their faces and identities. This long procession, which lasts for many hours, is accompanied by the muffled sound of bells and the monotonous rhythm of a drum.

The final Easter procession takes place in Santa Eulalia at 10.30 am on Easter Sunday, and goes from the town hall to the church, where the celebrations finally finish.

Semana Santa (or Holy Week) in Ibiza certainly provides an interesting insight into the cultural and religious side of the island, but in true Ibiza style, is an opportunity to socialise and celebrate in style!

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