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Review: Tarot Reading with Jinny

Tarot Reading isn't everyones cup of tea (I like coffee) but my experience reminded me that everything has its place and meeting Jinny proved to be an enriching moment.

One of Ibizas strengths is the islands breadth of offerings - from the Super Clubs (Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege etc) to the islands wholehearted warmth and welcome to those with more spiritually orientated interests. Indeed the islands 'hippy history' is second to none in Europe.

So it was that I found myself driving to meet Jinny, a Tarot Master on the island of quite some repute - indeed her reputation has far surpassed the islands shores, with leading spiritualists as far afield as America delighting in meeting and interviewing her.

That said, for all the praises being sung about Jinny, I had my own reservations. I am well versed in the art of 'cold reading' and my ego just a little too keen to 'hear what it wants to hear' if I don't keep an eye on it! I tend not to suffer fools gladly and the merest hint of a parlor trick, of any fluff, would have me looking for the quickest, politest exit.

Jinny however met me without any airs and graces. In fact she was quick to confirm that the mystical and fancy really wasn't her thing at all. In essence, she simply believed that when we stopped to listen, there was more to hear than the sound of our own voices. It was opening up and being aware of other energies that fascinated her and she welcomed helping others tune in to them as well. It was a matter of being open to another awareness, without commitment nor obligation. Ok, I could try that.

Jinny started exploring the Tarot in 1999, light-heartedly, playfully at first until she realised that there was a certain resonance, especially when she used the Faery Oracle Deck. Four years ago she moved beyond friends and family and opened up to reading for others. Her success has been phenomenal but it was clear to see as we both sat down that her feet remain very firmly on the ground about it all.

The Faery Oracle deck shuffled and laid out before us, Jinny invited a conversational interaction between us both. With the cards guiding, Jinny referenced my past, my present life, my immediate future. She touched upon my core values and the state of my mental, physical and emotional health. Within each area, she quietly offered guidelines, suggestions to keep me well and safe, challenges to be aware of but not to fear.

As cynical as I was feeling, as careful as I was being to ensure I didn't just hear what I wanted to hear, I have to say I was impressed. With anything I do or read, with any new experience be it pleasant or unpleasant (for clarity, my time with Jinny was most pleasant) I always look for what I call one gold nugget - one thing that enhances my life; one lesson learnt; one piece of advice I had forgotten or not known before. So too in my time with Jinny was I looking for that one gold nugget and I found it - or rather it found me. A key observation that even now, days later as I sit down to write this, I am reminded of, smile easily about.

If you're thinking of going to see Jinny because you want to know the number-plate of your next car, don't lift up the phone. If however you're keen to get a sense of where you are, clarity on that which has gone before and a gentle insight in what is potentially going to be encountered moving forward, get in touch promptly!

You can contact Jinny through Faery Forest Magic (her own website) and either request an individual reading or if you find her style and insights suit you particularly well, she offers an annual membership, including a specific oracle reading - just 20 euros for the year.

Keen to help the island around her, on visiting the website you can also request a reading "Care4Cats" - an island charity. The reading is 10 euros ith 50% being donated directly to Care4Cats.

If you would like to get a measure of Jinny, of her attitude towards life, take a peek at her recent interview on the renowned "Inspiration Show" with Natalie Ledwell.

Photograph by Steffan Swingler

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