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Review: Sushiya Aoyama Sushi

Review of the new 'Sushiya Aoyama' - tapas styled Sushi bar that will delight. Ibiza Town.

I saw a poster the other day that read: How do you spell love? I'm tempted to reply “Sushiya Aoyama”, the newest sushi bar to open in Ibiza Town.

The evening didn't start well with us walking around for thirty minutes trying to find it, despite what looks like a comprehensive map on their website. I was almost frustrated enough to cancel and dive into one of the other hundreds of restaurants available in the area. Thankfully, we persevered and finally, tucked away in a courtyard just by the walls of Dalt Vila, there it was!

Sushiya Aoyama opened just weeks ago and yet has immediately proved to be a success. With sushi prepared right before you by Hideki Aoyama (graduate of the prestigious Tokyo Sushi Academy) it was both the greatest of pleasures to watch the preparation and then eat.
To my great joy, Sushiya Aoyama walk their talk – when they offer sushi, they mean sushi, not Japanese-fusion as I have disappointingly experienced at another restaurant on the island.

The menu is surprisingly comprehensive for such a tiny venue (capacity for about 25) and the Sake was offered chilled or hot. We elected for ‘chilled' and it was super. What Sushiya Aoyama didn't know was that Sushi has been my favourite meal for well over a decade and I've explored this passion widely. I have to say that this tiny little bar has got it absolutely right.

Sushi Aoyama Ibiza Town

However, it's not just the food. Employing the izakaya concept (food served with drinks – not dissimilar to the tapas style of Spain – stand at the bar, order a drink and a snack to go with it) everything from placemats to dishes has been personally chosen by chef Hideki Aoyama and his partner on their last journey to Japan and then flown to Ibiza. The sense of authenticity pervades everything beautifully.

Hideki himself is charmingly shy, utterly focused on preparing dishes for his guests but with a little cajoling, helped us understand some of the customs of Japan and eating the dishes.

Used to London prices for Sushi and recognising that the quality of our own meal surpassed the likes of Itsu or Yo Sushi effortlessly, I wondered just how expensive this was going to be.
Herein was yet another pleasant surprise as we left, absolutely full to the brim and rolling with contentment whist the bill would have been approx 25 euros (not incl drinks) per person – this included an appetizer (highly recommend the Hiijiki Salad) starter of Miso soup, 5 piece salmon sashimi, and a generously sized five piece Nigiri selection plus a mouth-watering Black Sesame ice-cream for dessert.

So good, I've done my job and told you about it but please, if you don't want to go, don't – because you can be quite sure I'll be hoping for a seat there with ridiculous frequency!

I've just found my bar of choice in Ibiza Town.
How do you spell love? Sushiya Aoyama.

For reservations, please email or you can visit their wordpress site for both map and opening times - Sushiyaibiza

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