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San Isidro, San Jose – The Story of a Story

Or how I nearly wrote a news item titled 'Sant Jose Counsellor Fly's to madrid'

It's a difficult job trying to predict the future in Ibiza. Even though we know a big important event is about to take place, in general we don't know any details until quite literally days before – recent articles about the Medieval Festival, Tapas Tournament, and the yet to be written Ibiza Jazz week bear this out.

Our monthly newsletter's 'What's on in May' article needed writing and one of Ibiza's regular events is the San Isidro festival in San Jose which always takes place on a Sunday close to the actual day itself, the 15th. Hmmmmm, so would we celebrate before or after? As I needed accurate information, I popped to the town hall to ask.

Luckily, on of the town councillors was standing by the imaginatively titled information desk and told me that this year San Isidro will definitely, unequivocally, and unquestionably take place on 18th May! Ten minutes and a few date calculations later, my feeling that the 18th was not a Sunday was confirmed by the 'information desk girl' who definitely confirmed that the festival would be for sure on the 13th or maybe the 20th.

Several phone calls later, several departments within the town hall jointly agreed on 20th May – result!! As I left council member #1 was outside so I thought I may as well tell him when it was – the 20th, not the 18th – 'oh yes,' he said, 'the 18th is when I fly to Madrid.'

poster for san isidro, san jose, ibiza

Anyway, the full programme for the fiesta is not yet online, though I've no doubt that it will be exactly the same as for the last ten years, when they've used the same poster to promote it, merely changing the date. So, if you're on the island this Sunday and fancy seeing a bit of local agricultural machinery, livestock and craft work, get up to San Jose when at (I hope) 11.00 the proceedings start.

Even for a bored old cynic like me the most enjoyable part of the day starts around 18.00 when the older people of the village show off their lace making, knitting, basket weaving, flute and drum making, and leather working skills and at 19.00 when a grand parade of horse, and my favourite, tiny wee pony drawn carts roar up and down the main street.

norman wisdom

And finally, a question that's bugged me for the last ten years' worth of San Isidro posters – what's British film comedy star Norman Wisdom doing on it?

I loaded some photos from the past on to a gallery - just click the link to view them

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