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Review: Sa Capella Restaurant 2012

Sa Capella, the internationally award-winning restaurant, continues to delight. A "Do Not Miss" for those who appreciate excellence.

Sa Capella is a symphony of history and pleasure. Situated just on the outskirts of San Antonio, it is a 500 year old church (never consecrated – a story of intrigue unto itself. Myth has it that it was meant to be the Church of San Antonio but each night when the workers downed tools, on returning the next morning the tools had mysteriously vanished, only to re-appear at another location. That other location is where San Antonio Church is now built…)

Jump forward a few centuries and in 1980, it was purchased from a woman who had used the building as her house and transformed into Sa Capella restaurant. The current owner Carlos, stepped in twenty years ago, taking over from his father and the restaurant has gone from strength to strength, garnering international accolades and fans across its 32 year history.
Arriving on the beautiful terrace, you immediately get a sense of why it is so successful. There is an unmistakable sense of intimacy, of warmth, of perfection.

The tables are exquisitely set and the staff attired in the same manner, traditional white suits with red cravats & cumberbands. Everything positively vibrates with an understated sense of class, the table clothes to napkins, silk beneath the fingers.

The staff are a breath of fresh air. Whilst their attire is spectacular, their deportment even more so, there's still an easy, mischievous twinkle in the eye. There is an air that they are proud to work here & I'm not in the least bit surprised. Carlos, the man behind Sa Capellas success is ever present and as charming as his restaurant is sumptuous.

Sa Capella Restaurant San Antonio

With a hot starter of Broccoli fried in batter (sublimely light) with Iberian cured ham and wild mushrooms I was instantly regretful of eating alone for this was a meal to be discussed, admired, celebrated.

A main of red tuna cubes, soya sauce, Chinese noodles and shitake only entranced further.

At the end of my main course I was presented with a bottle of Sa Capella heirbas. Delicious, of course but after dessert I asked if I may enjoy my cortado (short white coffee) on the terrace. To my amusement the bottle of Heirbas also arrived at my table and with a wink, I was invited to drink it all. Looking around me, this wasn't special treatment but very much part of Sa Capellas hospitality.

In the World great men have often been told "I thought you'd be bigger"
In the World of great restaurants I would quip "I thought you would be (a lot) more expensive"
For all that it is - the menu, the staff, this setting - in London, in New York you could easily expect to pay double, treble perhaps for the evening I enjoyed.
Sa Capella is often mentioned in tones of appreciation and yes , even outright awe. Quite rightly so, it transpires. If you love someone, invite them to Sa Capella - the restaurant says it better than words.

Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Sting – even Carl Cox had his birthday meal there last year – are fans. The former three all dining together one evening.
It is hard to judge an average spend as Sa Capellas menu is comprehensive, with a wine list to match. However I would say that a ballpark figure of 120€ for two would be close to accurate.
Highly, highly recommended!

For more information or to make a booking - Sa Capella Restaurant, San Antonio

Ps. Ask nicely & Sa Capella might, with well deserved pride, share with you a rather special book.. I shall say no more other than I am very pleased, honored, to have seen it.

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