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Pura Vida Restaurant Impresses.

Pura Vida is like a beautiful secret, a 3* restaurant tucked away on the golden sands of Playa Niu Blau, nr Santa Eulalia.

“Pure Life”.
I feel like I am about to give a precious secret away.

Tucked away on the beach front of Playa Niu Blau, just off the main road between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar is the secluded Pura Vida restaurant. Pura Vida literally fronts on to the golden sandy beach. Inspiring by day, seductive by night.

Pura Vida Restaurant, Playa Nui Blau,

As gratifying as the view is it is only an accompaniment, for the meal that follows effortlessly upstages the surroundings.

Let me give you an idea of the lunch:

Ameuse Geule spicy lamb racket with slightly warm lentils salad and
mango chutney

First starter: Thai Salad with nori leaf, calamari, red onions, lime
narrowed with a chilli

2nd starter: Ravioli (homemade) filled with mozzarella, dried tomato,
pine nuts, thyme and flavoured with Dauro olive oil.

Main course: Roasted Turbot served with papaya and pak choi vegetables
flavoured with rice vinaigrette and cilantro

Dessert: Coulant au Chocolat with marinated berries and Thai Vanilla ice-cream

The lamb on Ibiza is notoriously good but as an introduction to our meal, we sat back with a “Wow!”. It was prepared to utter perfection. In that moment there was no doubt that our lunch had the potential to be a masterpiece.

Pura Vida Restaurant, Playa Nui Blau

Now honestly, I am not a food photographer but I just had to take some snapshots – what you see here isn't some manipulated imagery but our meal as it arrived at our table - well, all except the Roasted Turbot which I was so busy enjoying I forgot to photograph until halfway through. Oops.
The meal simply passed all expectations.

The next surprise was to have Simon, Head of Service for Pura Vida attend the table. Trained in Spanish wines he personally recommended the drinks for each course. His choices were a celebration. However should you wish to choose your own, the menu reflects some 75-80 wines to test your knowledge and decisiveness.

Pura Vida Restaurant, Playa Nui Blau

Arriving at dessert my companion commented at first taste “It would be worth coming for this alone.”

Lars Blasner, Head Chef and in his second year at Pura Vida joined us at this point. Just twenty-six years old, but already with an eleven year international career, I was genuinely delighted to be able to thank him for his exceptional skill. It was no untruth when I told him that had I had such a meal in a 4 star restaurant in London I would have been utterly content.

Of course I am not the only one to have found the secret that is Pura Vida. It transpires that it is a favourite of many celebrities who value fine dining far from prying eyes.
I am not in the least surprised.

Pura Vida Restaurant, Playa Nui Blau
Lars (Chef), Alexandra (Owner) and Simon (Head of Services)

Pura Vida isn't just content to offer a beautiful setting with an exquisite meal. Monday afternoons find the renowned guitarist Paco Fernandez playing live, Wednesdays welcome DJ Rene Lezare with Alina Wild (vocalist) and saxophonist Muriel Grossman.
Ever welcoming of families the restaurant has even arranged with ‘Kids In Ibiza' beach entertainment for children allowing parents to truly relax on a Friday afternoon.

The official opening is 06th June, starting from 3pm but if you can't wait, they are currently open 11am – 6pm for lunch and from June, lunch and dinner 11am – 1am.

Nowhere is perfect but whilst I try to think of a fault, the only niggle was from some random male that walked in shirtless. Yes, it might be Ibiza, but come on, a little respect for a venue and other diners, please! I don't need man boobs with my mains, no matter who you are.

Pura Vida Restaurant, Playa Nui Blau

I walked in expecting a good lunch and walked away, many enjoyable hours later, thinking the three stars awarded to Pura Vida might have been a little understated.

Meals are in the region of 50 euros but if you just want to enjoy the ambience, you're welcome to pop in for a snack.

To explore the menu further or make a reservation, please visit the Pura Vida website.

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