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Mindfulness for the Soul

Mindfulness for the Soul is written to inspire you to live more in the present moment.

Having an after-Summer dip? In need of time to yourself after those long, sultry Summer evenings filled with BBQs, dance parties, family picnics and other delights? September is the perfect month to unwind and slow down after the fast-paced Summer season. As the temperature cools down and holidays are over, the crowds start to disappear and new space becomes available.

Of course it is up to you whether you use this space to make time for yourself, or whether you fill it up with new obligations. It is all about you making that conscious choice to create more ‘relax' moments in your daily life, even if it is only 10 minutes a day. Allowing is the key here!

Mindfulness, living in the present moment, helps you to feel that new space and create those precious relaxing moments. Like many other things in life, living in the present moment is a life's journey, an adventure if you will and starts with calming your mind. Instead of thinking about your holiday last year or the project you have to finish next week, how about enjoying where you are right now, what you are doing right at this moment?

So when eating, you take time to fully enjoy all the beautiful colours, scents and flavours of your meal, instead of shovelling down food while watching TV. When writing a report your full awareness is on creating well-structured and reader-friendly sentences, instead of adding additional tasks such as handling a phone call or writing an e-mail. And when you are talking to a good friend you fully listen to what they say, instead of making remarks or giving unsolicited advice.

Mindfulness, being present, slowing down and doing one thing at a time, can be quite a challenge in our fast-paced, demanding society which easily fills up your head. It is however one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, as mindfulness helps you focus, calms your mind and helps you fully relax.

The following simple & playful mindfulness exercise is a perfect relax moment when your head is buzzing with “to do lists”!

Sit down in your favourite chair or lie down if you will. This exercise can also easily be done at work, while sitting at your desk.

Close your eyes.

Become aware of your head. Notice your thoughts going in different directions.

Take a slow and deep breath. As you slowly breathe out, imagine your out breath gently blowing your thoughts towards the earth like leaves falling from a tree.

Take another slow and deep breath and keep visualizing that your thoughts are gently blowing towards the earth as you slowly breathe out.

Repeat a few times, until your mind is calmer.

Warm greetings,
Cindy Ritmeester

About the author: Cindy is a passionate and experienced mindfulness coach. Her mindfulness course & retreats on the magical island of Ibiza inspire you to reconnect to your natural rhythm and create your own daily relax moments. Cindy works with intuitive guidance and playfulness and is happy to guide you on your journey to reconnect with your natural self.

Ibiza's beautiful turquoise sea, free spirited life-style and magical energy inspires Cindy to release the mind, relax and fully enjoy the moment and makes it the perfect place for her to share the joy of mindfulness.

Cindy's website is: Natural Soul and her next Mindfulness Course on Ibiza is 11th - 15th October

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