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LGBT Trans Travelling Tips: Closing Week 2012

Making sure you know where to go, EVERY night of the week, including suggestions for Closing Parties and planning for next year.

As the clubbing year reaches its climax, Jade looks forward to the final weekend and her top choices for the season.

It's well known that Leonardo Da Vinci designed a helicopter, but had to wait 500 years for a decent engine to fly the thing. His lesser known volume (the Ebusus codex) included a prototype for the perfect nightclub and dance beat. Really.

But we had to wait until 1973 for Ricardo Urgell to create Pacha and a bit longer for Giorgio Moroder, Frankie Knuckles and Co., to create the soundtrack.

Frustrating for Leonardo, (although his namesake De Caprio is no stranger to our paradise) but damn lucky for us.

The “point” about Ibiza is it's a crucible of invention - cultures, genres and lifestyles come together like nowhere else. At its beating heart is Pacha, the quintessential nightclub. I love raving in East Berlin power stations, Viennese subways, Vegas ultra-lounges and of course, underneath the path of every low-flying jet on its final approach to Ibiza airport. But Pacha is special.
With so many nights promising glamour and glitter, the first time trans traveller may indeed choose to feast on a diet of La Troya, Cafe Ole , Face of Ibiza and bar hop in Sa Penya.

But any night at Pacha should delight. There's still one more chance to experience Luciano and work the “Vagabundos” look next sunday. . That means you can't go too heavy on the eyeliner.

I fully advocate investing in a VIP table - it will be totally fabulous. The guys that run the VIP are charm personified and the new chillout/smoking“orchard” is a great addition.

Another “any night” choice is The Blue Marlin down the long and winding road to Cala Jondal. It defined the luxury beach club, is a wonderful choice for dinner and their open-air closing party will be magical.

But alas, the season is ending so here is a refresher of the perfect week. (So get planning for next year!)

Monday – wow, tough one. As I'm still recovering from an amazing solo mission to Cocoon closing at Amnesia , I'd have to put that polyglot madhouse at the top of my list for next year. Possibly the friendliest crowd on the island.
But you also have the institution that is Circo Loco at DC10. The full “under the runway” experience, promising chaos and noise. Wear sensible shoes, be ready to engage with crazy people from around the world and other galaxies.
Or how about Tiesto at Pacha....simply sublime!

Tuesday: A good night to explore life beyond the mega clubs and the "inland" beauty that is KM5, El Ayoun and Aura. Or hit the lively port bars like Keeper and scandalise the yachties. No? Ok. Glam up for Flower Power at Pacha and re-live the club's seventies roots.

Wednesday: It's the day to discover your inner diva at La Troya, Amnesia. (Get there tonight! The last for 2012)

Thursday: Luciano holds court at Ushuaia Beach Club...and try out Richie Hawtin's new concept Enter, across the street at Space.

Friday: Supermartxe at Privilege. Expect to jaw drop at the best show on the island, and seriously, don't forget to dance (this one is too good not to list but you'll have to plan for 2013 ...)

Saturday: The wonderful Cafe Ole at Space... or head for Defected in the House at Pacha. Expect treats like Inner City who played the closing on Saturday. We are seriously talking A Good Life of Big Fun.

If you're here on Saturday, the Ushuiaia Beach Club closing is a must.

Sunday: We Love Space on Sunday, oh yes. And even bigger and better is the Space closing which will be joyful and triumphant. Don't forget to visit The Premier Etage, a wonderful haven with great tunes and a most welcome breeze, and a place to reflect as well as celebrate.

The true genius of Ibiza is all the people that come and open their minds, cross boundaries and open new paths. See you on the terrace, one more time.

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