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January in Ibiza

Hundreds of people took to the beaches on the first day of 2012 in Ibiza

Hundreds of people took to the beaches on the first day of 2012 in Ibiza with temperatures reaching 20 degrees centigrade and some even took a New Year's dip in the sea! (Click for the photos from the Diario de Ibiza) It's been so warm recently that the almond blossom which so famously gives the island a pinky white appearance as it carpet the land in February has already started to appear on the trees.

almond trees in blossom, santa ines, ibiza

This month there's still a lot to celebrate as the Three Kings come to town all over the island on the 5th and 6th of the month and we actually all get a day off on the 6th which is a public holiday.

San An is celebration city in Ibiza this month as the Fiesta for San Antonio's day on the 17th lasts for weeks before and after the actual day. This Saturday (7th) is the town's annual Flower Power shindig when we all dress up for a large dollop of peace, love and understanding accompanied by lots of music from the first summer of love.

Unsurprisingly, with only a few days to go to the start of the celebrations, no programme has been published by the town hall, but will feature, as always, the blessing of the animals on the 17th which is a really charming ceremony and a must to see if you're in Ibiza.

And, if you want to see the almond blossom in all its glory, there's normally a moonlit walk through the Santa Ines valley included in the programme. As soon as it's released we'll have it in our news section. Meanwhile, for other events in Ibiza throughout the year, check out our calendar.

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