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Ibiza by iPhone

Visitors and islanders alike marvel at the beauty of Ibiza, but capturing its magic can be somewhat more difficult. Not so, for those who attended the Ibiza iPhone Photography Course


Ok, hands up from me. Despite the fact that I spend almost every day of my life privately and professionally promoting Ibiza, I'm a bit shy about this.

You see, a couple of months ago, after numerous questions about my iPhone Photography I decided to run a iPhone Photography Course on the island, helping others with their composition and how to bring out the stunning colours and light of Ibiza.

I also asked the Directors of Ibiza Spotlight if they would be good enough to sponsor a competition for the course attendees, promoting the beauty of Ibiza. It was an immediate yes.

Ibiza iPhone Photography Course

The thing is, the Course was a stunning success! This is the bit I'm a little shy about but let me clarify that whilst the course was run by myself, the results were all the students own work.

In most instances, prior to the course, the students had not done more than use their iPhone cameras in the most basic manner and had certainly never applied any specific apps or techniques to their composition or editing. The images that the students found as they went about their day to day lives, looking to capture the beauty of Ibiza were amazing!

They then uploaded the photographs to Instagram under the tag #ibizabyiphonespotlight and then those that garnered the most votes were shared across to our Facebook audience. The votes flooded in, thousands of people taking part in helping to chose the winning image.

Ibiza iPhone Photography Course

So it was that this Saturday we all gathered at Hidden Bar in Cala San Vicente (location for the Course) for the Award Lunch. Daan Weijerman Mans photograph of Es Vedra (lead photograph, top) was the clear winner with our Facebook audience but I was so impressed with the entries from all the iPhone Photography Course attendees that I've shared just a tiny sample of some of them in this article and below for you to see - welcome to Winter in Ibiza!

Such was the success of the first course that in January there shall be another iPhone Photography Course (click to be taken to Facebook events page with full details). Ibiza Spotlight have again kindly agreed to sponsor another competition for attendees.

Ibiza iPhone Photography Course

I've also teamed up with Toby Clarke of Walking Ibiza to offer iPhone Photography walks on the island - check the website for details. Learn an app', take some gorgeous photographs and enjoy exploring Ibiza all in one!

I'd really like to say a special thank you to our Facebook audience, whose enthusiasm and contribution really inspired the students to seek out the beauty of Ibiza to share with them.

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