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Healing Ibiza Day Update

Updates and the Schedule for Healing Ibiza, this Sunday 11am.

Healing Ibiza Day, starting at 11 AM this Sunday in the gorgeous grounds at Atzaro, is effortlessly looking to surpass the previous four events.

At a press conference earlier this week, the organisers behind Healing Ibiza day confirmed that over 60 therapists will be giving their time and skills freely on the day.

Three other major changes should delight those who have prior experience of the event.

1. The Oracle readers have their own temple.

2. The food area, previously split across two areas of the Atzaro grounds, will now be bigger and in just one area.

3. Finally, the chill out area is going to be slightly more focused although the organisers are keen to confirm this most certainly will not impact negatively on anybody just chilling out!

Atzaro is yet again kindly giving the venue to the event without charge, mirroring and supporting the ethos of all those involved.

The Social Media interest in Healing Ibiza day has been astronomical. Updates and images shared about former events, reminding people of this Sunday's event, have apparently reached an audience of over half a million people. (For an example, have a look at Ibiza Spotlights own photo album of Mays event)

As always the organisers of Healing Ibiza day with keen to express thanks to both Ibiza, her people, the visitors and the effort of every single person involved in making such an enormous event and enjoyable success.

Healing Ibiza day is an event one can try very hard to describe. With a children's play area, with yoga and Pilates, with tarot readers and therapists, with workshops and speeches, with live music and meditation, all set in the gorgeous grounds of Atzaro one can perhaps just about get a sense of the day.

Yet how does one describe the energy that comes from one of the best hotels on the island making itself available for free, plus well in excess of 70 people giving of their time and their skill, many not just on the day but months in advance?

It is an extraordinary day. The many it is just fun, something a little different. For some it has been life changing. What will it be for you?

Healing Ibiza Day Sunday 07th October 2012

For directions and more information, please see our previous article - Healing Ibiza Day - What is it?

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